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  • garrigan69 garrigan69 Jul 31, 2012 3:38 PM Flag

    Anybody got a clue?

    This is a long term buy for me. I'm looking 5 yrs down the road with this one and buying on dips like today. Compare MDF with the big insurers and I think you'll like the potential in this company. GLTA

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    • Iagree with your sentiment..I've been in this stock for while..and just doubled my holdings..I might take short term hits but long term I think they have the right model of combining coverage with actual care so they can control expenses across the healthcare chain for their customers... 2 other points
      IF the affordable care act stands i think MDF could be an even bigger winner with their focus on proving integrated primary care to medicaire patients...

      PS:I also bought a decent number of shares in WLP. If you read what the board and management are saying they seem to be heading down a similar path of integrating insurance and care...Other Big managed care companies are doing the same..I think MDF will be in play in the near future for one of the large insurers (HUM seems like the natural fit...)