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  • stock.whizz stock.whizz Feb 6, 2008 7:05 PM Flag

    I'm in at 49 Counting on Cisco to give a lift

    It certainly appears more cautious out there than I
    realized. My own little corner of the Tech world is doing fine(Networking & wireless)but I guess I'm just lucky. I
    know what is NOT helping a cautious environment is IDIOT
    Fed governers adding doubt about the ability to continue to lower rates.

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    • It looks like it is just happening very fast

      Ralph Polo says its unprecedented how quickly the consumer slowed and now Cisco is seeing similar action on corporate side

      "Powell said Cisco experienced sudden slowdowns in January in several markets in the U.S. and in European Internet service providers. Uncertainty about how long the slump will continue prompted the company to be "prudently conservative" with its guidance, he said."

      It is probably to some degree a negative bubble feeding on itself. But thats how these things work. Thats also how inflation works. But I guess that will help spending - people will want to get rid of those useless dollars as quickly as possible because they will buy less and less goods each month. One way to get the consumer to spend... I knew it was all part of a master plan to get the consumer spending...

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