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  • stan91724 stan91724 Apr 4, 2008 1:09 PM Flag

    Markox...Question for you

    Thank you Wallmart & Mark...

    I own LDK STP & TSL as far as China goes...Going on the charts as well...I will be selling the weaker ones going forward or partial positions if they go parbolic...

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    • I am doing LDK and TSl for now

      think LDk can do 40, TSL 45
      until they hit some resistance

      if solarmania truly hits TSL could be 60 and LDK 80

      But I am not assuming that

      so 40, and 45

      JASO is also the other horse I wanted to get into but just bought more of the other 2.

      STP is in good shape now on top of major resistance moving averages....

      this will continue until momentum guys get exhausted and move on to the next field or the next financial implodes.

      I am praying for 400K in job losses next month so we can continue to rallY!
      and a $75 billion writeoff by Citigroup

      all great things for the stock market!

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