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  • stan91724 stan91724 May 15, 2008 1:57 PM Flag

    ot...YGE bounced right off of 25.50!!!

    Is the glass half empty Mark???

    Trust me I am very cautious as well...

    My short oil trade is coming back to me now in DUG...Bounced off a higher low today...I like that...Mark, you seem to know these solar stocks very well...My question to you is it possible that TSL has a blow out quarter & gets some respect or is it a laggard so to speak as you say...STP reports I believe next thurs???When does TSL report because my thinking is to trade the run into the report...Just like YGE...I told you that those buying calls yesterday were fools!!!They did have two chances to get out today if they were astute traders...What a gift!!!

    Any more thoughts on TSL???

    Your commission ck is in the mail on YGE


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    • TSL will report next week

      I hope before STP
      not announced yet

      I could be wrong of course on STP and it posts blow out numbers. I just doubt it. But it would not displease me, although it would displease chairman's account.

      TSL is ridiculously undervalued. SOLF is a 2nd tier peer and TSL is far superior. TSL trades at 50% of SOLF. Thats just wrong. I can see a discount to STP or YGE as those are bigger names, but TSL I could argue is doing better than those 2.

      Its just a matter of attention. TSL could be $70 (current $46) and still trade below SOLF/YGE/STP valuation and has IMO the better potential the next 3-4 quarters.

      We shall see how it goes.

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