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  • crazyguy454 crazyguy454 Aug 21, 2008 4:43 PM Flag

    obama wins we go to 125.00 + stp !!!


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    • I see you've been forgetting your meds again. Corporate oligarchies produce an unlivable society. You should be old enough to have learned from the past. Why don't we privatize Fire protection? Because letting the properties of those who can't afford it would spread to those who can rather quickly - much the same as disease spreads rampantly through countries with no medical care for the poor. If everyone were treated for diseases like HIV, Hep C and many more treatable diseases, the spread would be slowed or stopped since Hep C can often be wiped out and HIV can often be lowered to undetectable which is not nearly so likely to spread. Instead, we allow it to fester because "it only effects the poor, or the gay, or the poor bastard who got tainted blood that slipped through the testing in a transfusion." To hell with them, I got mine - you get yours.
      I've seen too many wealthy people lose everything because their "top of the line" insurance decided they weren't going to pay for life saving procedures - this is no way to run a country.

    • Ah, another imbecile who can't tell the difference between their and they're. You seem to lack the intellectual capacity to make a distinction between social programs and socialism. We have socialized education, socialized police protection, socialized fire protection, and socialized retirement which is about to go bankrupt. I assume you want to privatize fire protection also? Canada has far superior programs in most ways, especially medical.
      America ranks 37th in the world in medical care, not # 1.
      Your precious buffoons have turned us into a third word country.

    • I know these companies very, very well. I know where there are and where there are not relationships.

      I know, for example, that Hearst recently made an investment in Media News and now owns about a third of the company. Other than that, there are virtually zero relationships between the ownership of the other companies in question.

      Sam Zell, who just purchased the Tribune company, was a real estate developer with no prior ties to the media. The group that runs Philadelphia came from the local business community. The Washington Post has been fiercely independent for years and has shunned much of the rest of the Industry. The New York Times sees itself as above the rest of the papers and fiercely competes with them for Pulitzers.

      At the end of the day, for it to be an issue, the companies would have to be colluding to tell a common corporate story. I know, from first hand experience, how their newsrooms work and the idea that they are somehow in collusion to propagate a common story makes for good fiction, but it is just that.

    • Mark,

      To use your Apple built in China example, yes, an IPOD is built in China. But so what? The Chinese factory doesn't earn much in profits for that IPOD, does it? Apple earns mucho dinero on the IPOD. The economic value comes from the design, not the manufacture. I think the IPOD built in China is an excellent example of the right way to do business. Keep the high value stuff inhouse. Outsource the low value adding piece.

    • When China was run as a command/socialist economy it didn't grow squat. In fact they had a few problems, like the great leap forward. It's current high growth rate is based on two things
      1) it is easier to grow at a high growth rate over a small base

      2) 20+ years ago Deng Xiaoping said that to be rich is glorious and started a move to market economics.

    • As I just came across your post, and have not had time to counter the examples you have given. I will post some information that will show you the interconnection between the companies you have posted at a later date.

      If you really want some good insight as to how these corporations function You should watch a Film called "The Corporation" by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan.
      Although you may think that the listed companies you posted may look like independent ownership, some of them I quickly found to be owned by Transnational Corporations. But I will definetly give you some more detailed information that can be verified.

      In the mean time I will give you a link that you can check out...

    • I am done cluttering, and you should be too. I've read all your other responses. Go get a hug from somebody. And good luck in life thinking your so smart.

    • BIPV - Yes I am a CAL Bear. I don't have a strong misunderstanding of the robberies in Oakland, I have no knowledge of it ! I thought he was he making a general statement about Obama telling his black friends in Oakland to stop robbing. I no longer live in the Bay Area -- sorry to hear what is going on there. But, my response was not to what is going on in Oakland, but by the posters assertion that he needs to tell black people to stop stealing !

      Go Obama - Go Bears !

    • The Snide reply:

      Time ages some well, other not so much.

      At no point did you address my points and I'm sorry to say, I now feel stupider for having read your reply.


      The legitimate reply:

      I have no doubt you've experienced far more than I have, but you seem particularly inept at stating those experiences in a coherent manor. If at some point you wish to bring facts to a discussion about politics feel free to do so as I'm always open to knowledge.

      Until then, its fair time to stop cluttering STP's board this this.

    • You sound like an educator. Im not 83, but Im not 27 either, and after you've lived past 21, for more than 6 years, then you can start thinking you know everything. I probably pay far more in taxes than you make, and have been for years, so skip the not chosen to be born but so blessed BS. Also, if I was 27 I would be out there getting some box rather than worrying about someone not thinking outside of it. Maybe doing that rather than preaching your inexperience garble might do you some good.

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