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  • crvin31 crvin31 May 19, 2009 10:58 PM Flag

    my broker told me to accumulate until 75 dollars a share

    I said "prove to my why and I will", ( I mean I already knew it was going back to 75-100 within 90 days, 120 at the most)

    He said that the same foreign buyers that buy blocks of shares every single day of STP LDK are the same guys buying SIRI chunks. Supposedly siri is going to put not only high def sound in all the cars but also many of the loaded cars will be prewired for small tv's and talk to you nav screens, (most will go with the 2 screen setup, but with an option to set both screens the same to make 1 larger screen. He hasn't been wrong yet, gave me Palm a week ago,tgt 25 minimum. He said siri is long term but will pay off huge, (possible 15 bagger by the end of the year) sooner then that if the SEC gets reamed by Obama and they force all those virtual shares out of the system and force all the discount brokerages to cover them.

    Here is the simple no brainer as to why you want to load up on the cheapest but best chinese solars. He said it is so bad over their that the chinese government does not have a choice.These companies will get huge in a hurry because everyone knows that they must fix the smog problem and china being a rich and proud nation is tired of hearing people bad mouth china, call them greedy but filthy country. Even more subsidies are supposedly on the way as well as the chinese government accumulating shares in STP possibly and also giving the 2 comp huge credit lines not even due till 2013,2015.

    This is what he is hearing and told me but if even a little bit of it is true, this is going up even faster then it did the last time,(and that was fast)
    China is a demographic and industrial accident almost hungry to demonstrate its self destruction to the world. You can't walk around in any big city there without a mask. There is worker unrest daily. 50 million peasants drift in and out of cities weekly.

    Until he gets one wrong or calls me with a stupid explanation I am going to listen and make real cash once again.

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    • Thanks for sharing all that.

    • Well my broker gave me even better advice. He said to buy regularly at the market and to sell just as regularly at the market. That way he can generate lots of commissions and his company can make a killing as a market maker.
      He says if everybody took this approach, it would be a sure way to riches...for him.
      By the way, he also was wondering if it would be ok to pay his TARP loan back now that I bailed him out and took all the risk, he is worried that I might actually make a profit on the loan if I don't let him pay it back while prices are still cheap. He said he misses the days when the government was populated by idiots who would give him as much as he wanted with no strings attached, and if the government is now going to turn around and insist on rules for how the money is used and limit the size of his paycheck, that by the way he just happens to have suddenly come by enough cash to pay me back.
      Sound like good advice?

    • Obama will have you driving one of those smart cars, you will probably be buried in it as a result of an accident. The smart cars do not have much room for HD stereo systems.

      Obama will be taxing you on your mileage.

      Its like watching sheeple standing in line to be slaughtered. I am so glad the Prime Minister Of Israel told him to go #$%^ himself. Someone needs to stand up to this weasel and his corrupt cronies.

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      • bushyoulosthehouseandsenatelol bushyoulosthehouseandsenatelol May 20, 2009 4:53 AM Flag

        you pukes first said Israel is who placed him their.

        Damn you neocon nazis are stupid.

        I knew all along, the same people that placed him their are the same people that would have placed McCaine their. "THE ILLUMINATI"

        If you don't know who they are and everything they are planning with the NEW WORLD ORDER, AMERO and RFID TRACKING DEVICES that track not only your money but where you are at every second of everyday of every week of every month to every year of the rest of your putrid existence so smoke up on those cigs.

        The New World Order was behind schedule on their plan, but the churches were so stupid they followed the" I follow god on my decisions", hook line and sinker, even though he was a draft dodger who majors in Naziism and the effects of the Atomic bomb on humans. Yep he was a sick puppy and a homosexual drunk just like his daddy.

        But meanwhile in reality 3 of the head go to the churches and order them who to vote for guys had quit on little bush because they began to get concerned that he not only did not believe in god, but was overheard calling them wackos, wackjobs, lets get this BS over with and so on and so on. All 3 have agreed publicly from the start all he and his cult were concerned in were votes and even had pictures of abortions taped up in every mans stall. (even at church they have to go to the bathroom) Anyway the bleed the middle class and poor for everything they got worked out really well for the economy and our country as a whole. I mean about the only good that came out of a rigged Bush disaster and worst fake president ever was me being able to smash the ask on STP daily when it never should have dipped below 50 a share, and LDK SPWRA prices, don't even get me started.

        I especially like how he rewarded CVX and OXY for destroying 700,000 square miles of rain forest, 22 different villages, they emptied the oil waste straight into the Amazon. Then on nat geo they are like new aggressive species, like a shark, an alligator and a phirrana combined lol The head villager described it as black blankets going down the river. I will drive a smart car if it is affordable. I will also stay out of the fast lane if I am going slow, (that should be a ticket and I suppose the other poster will drive a small car also, it is called doing the right thing. Maybe you are too old and stubborn to have picked up on that lesson.Or another blind catholic. (Couldn't of been that many priests messing with them little boys) I also loved having all my rights and the constitution stripped away from me all while the gov. is listening to my phone calls. New World Order is almost here, Marshall Law, and off to the FEMA camps, FEMA TRAINS!

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