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  • davidthemightyking davidthemightyking May 22, 2009 3:42 PM Flag

    It's so easy!!!

    1. run the price to 17 before earning, and short STP
    2. pump JASO after a poor quarter so you would think everything is fine
    3. release earning (beat) and offering without disclosing price; share downed and longs got sucked in (me included).
    4. release the offering price so that price would automatically come down to $12.5
    5. Use 20 million shares to push the price lower.
    6. cover shorts at $9 and go long from there.

    Insider trading violations because of trading with non-public information.

    I sold and went short and will be long later. Follow the dirty money because this is a dirty game played by dirty management and dirty Wall Street.

    If you are long term long, fine to stay.

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    • Alright you sold me Im selling Tuesday open!! You got it, you win, your a millionaire stock trader who knows how everything is played and can time the market at will.

      Go Ph uck yourself and stop trying to spread bull sheet on here.

    • If you disagree, answer the following questions:

      1. Do you think these brokers did not know this offering when price was pumped to 17?
      2. What could justify JASO's 25% jump after a poor 1Q, just because it was the early bird to release earning among Chinese solars?
      3. Why STP announced offering, but delayed the price disclosure?
      4. Why the offering price is known after yesterday's close but the announcement was done in the pre-market?
      5. Do you think there will be only 20 million shares? About hedges?
      6. If they had prior knowledge and pumped it to 17, don't you think they want to cover much lower and go long from there?

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      • look at the volume smart guy

        over 20 million shares

        the shorts covered but know that solars can run in an instant if a couple of big mutual funds start to load or hedge funds want to get in which causes 3 or 4 copycat hedge funds riding their coat tails.

        If shorts did not cover before the bell today, come monday they will wish they had when LDK gaps up after way overblown selling, this will follow LDK back up.

        SPWRA is the best, it was hardly hurt at all, meanwhile LDK and STP longs were ripped today.

        PALM, look at the support after a downgrade and 6 hit pieces saying to sell, big boys want all the retail shares of Palm for themselves before they sell out of their new smart phone in 2 or 3 days, June 5th the fun starts over at PALM, a run up to 20 is possible in the meantime for Palm.

    • u got that right, I don't know how anyone can still put their money in these chinese solars, dirty dirty dirty whether u gain or lose.

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