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  • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Mar 23, 2012 2:06 PM Flag

    no story is going to fool us again pump bs

    This pos naked shorted to death stock is never going to move, If you want to buy, get in at 1.70 because the only thing the mm's do with this pos is load up a few shares to dump in case any news comes out for a 10 cent move up or down at the most and 20 to 30 cent move up on a major news pr.

    A normal day for the gigantic, (never seen bigger except for OSTK) naked shorted with fake virtual shares is sideways in between 8-10% moves down. The Obama administration looks so bad over solar failure bankruptcy Solyndra that they will not even bring up solar because the republicans knock the solyndra scam so hard on every channel. Also Obama administration has decided to embrace nat gas cars, trucks, and for energy.

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    • Just checked your March 8 post "STP is the bargain here". Now it's a "POS" - a total turn-about. What happened to you? You'll end up losing it all if you sell low and buy high. Solar IS the global future, regardless of US partisan politics.

      As far As Obama goes, here's a quote from
      "Everything You Need to Know: President Obama's Blueprint for American-Made Energy"

      Implementing a clean energy standard: The centerpiece of President Obama’s plan to develop and use more clean energy calls for establishing a “clean energy standard," which would require utility companies to produce a larger percentage of their electricity from clean energy sources over time --including renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass, hydropower, and nuclear, among others. With this requirement in place, clean sources would account for 80 percent of our electricity by 2035. Besides reducing carbon emissions, implementing a standard would create a larger domestic market for developing new, innovative energy technologies—and the many jobs that would come along with it.

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