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  • mica6099 mica6099 May 8, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    After lunch thoughts ; )

    -Only in late april 2013, solar & wind company have been put under the MLP in order to get tax benefit as fossil (polluting) companies. That's really unbelievable!

    -US & UE introduced punitive duties on Chinese solar panels, officially, to protect (*) their internal market. The extra money will be payed by the end customers and China companies will be impacted.
    Note that western companies are ok if they outsource the production to China (at very low cost) and then sell the products at high price in Europe and USA, getting high profit (payed by the end customers) One big example is Apple.
    But they are not happy, when the end customers could get the benefit buying at reasonable price a good product made in China! .. That looks a bit unfair!

    Probably the crooks forget that a big % of US debt in owned by China.
    If they continues to kick their balls, perhaps eventually US & Eu will reap what they sow.
    (For sure, only the less wealthy people will be impacted)

    (*) = why to protect the internal production if solar it's so worthless? ..mmh perhaps only the chinese panels.

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    • you 3 are complete morons, Suntech went down bc they are inept at managing a business! Massive debt load! The only mkt maniputation going on was the Buffet buyout rumor that the Chinese Business Journal CBJ ran. ankara1967 do you wish there is a way the Chinese can look into a media org spreading false rumors that have an impact on the mkts? Anyway its only the holding company that is going down, the manufacturing plants will still continue to produce solar panels.

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      • @timothysjohnston,
        Here comes the professor!
        Probably you didn't notice that comments were about the whole solar business, not only STP. And it's not about the last 30 days!
        It's about how this business has been obstructed. (Guess why)
        About the last issue, just think how many now complain about china subsidies, while US did just the same with the Solyndra.
        (And about management, do you want to talk about the Solyndra fraud?)
        And better we don't recall how many trucks of cash the gov has been given to the banks on 2009)
        Well, If you don't see any clue of market rule manipulation, probably you took the blue pill.

    • I completely agree with everything you say. Crooks can only make money by manipulation and total control of the markets and international trade. They realized they are technologically behind in solar technology and declared a war against SunTech. They are giving one blow after another to SunTech. I wish there was a way China could respond to the crooks. By the way, all of this happened right before a major upward movement in the stock market because they didn't want STP to participate in any way in the rally.

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      • labelleanthony16 May 8, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

        IM so disgusted with this recent turn in events. Suntech is the light , they are the reason for renewables coming close to parity. In the last two years companies have ripped off there pluto technology, america then enacted criminal terrifs and now the eu wants terrifs to help uncompetitive companies like solarworld sell there products. Im enbarrassed to be a north american and support the destruction of chineese companies like suntech who are innovative enough to make a change in the world. If eu companies cant get a better supply chain then they are the ones who need to dissapear

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