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  • qiqi08 qiqi08 Sep 5, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Will the stock still trade at a buck when the company proposes a 90% dilution?

    If this is the case, I agree it is not worth a buck.

    I see shorts are working hard to persuade others to sell. Great work.

    But what if the dilution is not that much? I think STP will rather go BK than to agree on 90% diluton by bonds.

    If the #s are much smaller than you think, do shorts has enough time to exit?

    I now only have a small position. I admit I am a little bit nervious. Don't you shorts feel the same way too?

    I can afford to lose 100% of that small position, but you shorts may lose more than 100% of your position if the announced #s are a big surprise.

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    • This is probably just a short squeeze. The short sellers started buying back shares from 88c! Will probably
      start tanking again lower than 90c.

    • If I were a shareholder, I'd rather own 10% of a company than 0%, so I'd prefer the 90% dilution over BK.

      Even if the dilution is something low like 50%, the stock will probably fall a lot more than that, due to the change of the shareholder base from mostly traders to half bondholders, who are more fundamental investors. The bond's valuation of the company is much lower than the stock's.

      Apart from that, there's still a good chance the entire holding company is worth nothing, rendering the dilution % ultimately irrelevant.

      I'm almost certain this stock is worth

0.290.00(-1.69%)Jul 28 3:45 PMEDT