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  • testoftime23 testoftime23 Jun 20, 2009 12:53 AM Flag

    BDSI insider selling is real - I just checked a different web site.

    I checked a different web site and found that the inside sales are real.

    Another insider sale was just reported yesterday (6/19) for 326,782 more shares. This is ridiculous.

    Insiders have been selling throughout June. They sold on June 3,4,5,8,15,16,17,18.

    There are no insider purchases being made. None at all. Just insiders selling shares.

    Over a million shares were sold by insiders on Monday (day of announced delay) and Tuesday. You can check link

    All of the June transactions are insiders selling, so we have insiders selling the week before news, the day of news and the day after news and the day after that and the day after that. Selling by insiders is not a good thing. Not good at all . . . . .

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    • Insiders are selling like crazy. Thanks for the link!

    • Is it possible that delay from FDA force them to sale the stock now?

    • This is getting old, although I can understand why the novice investor, who lives and dies by each trade, would get stressed by this news.
      All I can say is that you need to put in some footwork. If you research and compare to other small cap Bios, such as SVNT and DNDN, whos share prices have shooy up quickly, you than will see the pattern. SVNT, and DNDN both have also sold enormous amounts of shares this month. And that is just two companies. Many more have done the same. Since March the Bull Run has quadrupled tghe PPS of virtually everything. They are profit taking.

    • get a phukin life

    • This question has been asked and answered *at least* 20 times in the
      last couple of days alone. Look at the history. Insider sales and
      purchases are done on specified set dates sometimes months in advance.
      The original estimate was that FDA was due to approve/reject BDSI on
      15th June, and these insider transactions would have been timed to
      come in just after the decision, had it not been delayed.

      They expected an approval, and entered these sales months ago, not
      knowing the decision would be delayed. Think about it. These are not
      sales based on current known conditions - they'd be thrown in jail if
      it were.

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