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  • bio_man Jun 20, 2009 6:35 PM Flag

    Holy Jesus - 6/19 - Insiders sell another MILLION BDSI shares???

    Here's some clarification on what insiders have been doing.

    Elliott Associates a 10% owner sold on the 15th and 16th a total of 605,000 shares. The Association still holds 1,395,000 shares -- this is good news. Since I originally posted this, on the 17th and 18th (filed the 19th) they sold 163,391 shares, leaving them a total of 1,231,609 shares.

    V.P. Fine sold on the 5th and 8th 25,000 shares and still retains 81,250 shares --- again, expressing confidence ?

    CEO sold on the 6th 30,000 shares, but still holds 70,000 shares.

    If I had 100,000 shares I would have certainly sold some off as well.

    1) There is no garantee that the FDA will approve Onsolis, but following many here it ought to be a good 80% in favor off (if not higher).
    2) If I recall correctly insiders buying or selling have a doorway of 48 hours to file the SEC 4 Form; thus insiders might sell, or have sold, more shares today, tomorrow, etc. -- unknown variable, keep watching.
    3) Insiders who sold 30,000 shares and stil retain 70,000 for example, have covered their asses if this should not get approval and the stock tanks to $3.25. This may not be the case for some of us late investors.

3.38-0.15(-4.25%)Apr 29 4:00 PMEDT