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  • davidjames1901 davidjames1901 Feb 1, 2009 10:50 AM Flag

    Has anyone check with Doug Calder this week?


    What is he saying lately??

    This topic is deleted.
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    • The only manipulation occurring is your constant bashing. I have read all your previous posts and there is a undeniable pattern of constant bashing. You claim to have altruistic intentions, but the truth is you are as malignant as they come. You are a basher in the purist sense of the word. You devote all your time and energy to planting the seeds of doubt and slandering people. You see, I have given my opinion and expressed what was told to me by investment relations. I was never told two weeks but as I have said before I am basing this on how upbeat Mr, Calder was in our last conversation. Instead of misconstruing what I said and threatening me with SEC violations (which there is no basis) you should get a clue and realize that the only person who has criminal intent is you. Not to mention you have put out many lies about Doug and the company, and are therefore guilty of slander. You are therefore liable for not only slander but stock manipulation by the SEC for originating blatant lies and propagating them through the messenger board with the intent to damage the reputation and value of ABPIQ.PK as well as it's employees.

    • Amen brother

    • If alexlos has received information from a publicly available source,ie. Investor Relations, and assigns his/her projected timeline that would be neither a lie nor insider information but an opinion which will be confirmed or not within 15 days.

      Unless statements made here are supported by verifiable sources I assume they are all opinions. Don't you?


    • I am merely repeating what was told to me. Your feeble attempt to disguise your maligned interest is pathetic at best. If I had inside information I would have sold before the Sinnusase results came out. Mr. Calder is excellent at his job and does not disclose inside information. There is no hard fact to support any of this but just a sense that he is much more upbeat than usual and that he has revealed that there are new results to be released that look favorable and upcoming conferences.
      Voldermot you are far from a saint and your motives are crystal clear. You will lose big by playing with fire.

    • Favorable findings in further analysis of Biovaxid study to be disclosed in NEAR future

    • Alex, could you elaborate more on your conversation with IR?

    • Good news in the next 2 weeks.

    • >I take a keen amateur forensic interest in likely scam stocks and their promoters, and the typical "Bad Day at Black Rock" reception that you residents extend only makes me more determined to stick around.<

      If you really think the ABPI managements have done something illegal, please go ahead and report it to SEC. Or just sue them. I challenge you to do that. If you don't, you just prove yourself a liar or a crook that you claim on others.

      More determined to stick around? Fine. Your presence only tells people that there are some bashers around and bashers never bash a bad stock.

    • In any event, the presence of bashers like you means that someone want to manipulate the price so that they can buy cheap.

    • Stop trying to put on a bashing show here. You and voldemort are either the same kind, same party, or even the same person.
      If you don't like it, move on.

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