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  • adecinvestor adecinvestor Mar 3, 2009 11:50 AM Flag

    The presence of bashers

    Stop wasting your time. Nobody would bother to read your lengthy post full of lies.
    Hobby of studying some cases? Forensic interest?
    Naked Liar.

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    • Forensics? What do you think this is CSI? I have read your posts very carefully and you are a habitual basher who espouses the same bs from one biotech to the next. Now you are back pedaling from your earlier lies. You should hope the SEC does not investigate because you will be the first to go. I have heard of a lot of lame covers for bashers but the " forensic hobby" is not only the most far fetched one but the dorkiest one I have ever heard. You my friend are a complete tool. Black and Decker has nothing on you!