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  • ayscuew ayscuew Jun 28, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    How bad is coal????

    At the end of the second quarter of 2013:
    Nick Carter (NRP President says "it's the worst coal market in my lifetime".
    Dave Steinberg, analyst (see headlines) says "i"ve been in the market 30 years and have never seen worse sentiment"
    Seeking Alpha thinks that ACI and ANR are going lower. ACI is at $3 and ANR $5. Lower means bankrupt.
    Nothing but bad comments by CNBC panelist.
    ALL coal companies (except NRP) will lose money for the second quarter and for the first half of 2013. More of the same for the third quarter and for the send half of 2013. Where and when does it end???

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    • Despite all the environmental damage caused by coal(acid rain,cinders,sludge,cancer,CO2 emissions etc) coal has had a wonderful market in the USA..natural gas was in short supply and after Three Mile Island coal lobby supported nuclear hysteria gave coal the whole energy marketplace. Shale gas is simply doing to coal what coal did to nuclear in the USA. So what next? Well, survival these days for coal companies means exporting to Asia and Europe and diversifying..the two coal companies doing that the best IMO are PVR and NRP, and I have a few bucks invested in each. If the other coal companies go bankrupt, that will only help PVR and NRP. My bet is that PVR and NRP will export enough coal to let them transition nicely into natural gas etc while maintaining that excellent distribution each pays. Meanwhile, my main investment money is in MLPs such as MWE,GEL,APL,MMP,DPM,PAA,EPD etc...In beating up on coal I think President Obama and the EPA are absolutely correct......

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      • ake
        i have owned pvr and nrp much earlier.
        imho pvr the stronger company so recently i started a new position in pvr.
        if pvr moves higher so will nrp.
        coal not dead yet and in fact world usage may increase.
        as long as we can export we will be fine.
        hopefully the old adage make money when there is blood in the streets will work again here.
        happy fourth

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