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  • jrad52 jrad52 Dec 27, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    From today's Wall St Journal

    One of the biggest beneficiaries of the midterm elections may be the US coal sector. The vulnerable Democrats up for reelection in Republican states will be forced towards a more coal friendly policy and the administration is likely to ease up on attacking coal to improve Democratic chances in these states. On top of that, should the Republican Party gain enough seats in the mid-term elections, the President’s environmental policy could enter a stalemate for the remainder of his term. Fighting coal has been at the forefront of the environmental policy of the administration and the resulting relief could help improve conditions in the sector.

    I think this is wishful thinking, but they printed it. I would put more hope in a cold winter and a reversal of recent years' drop in lectricity usage rather than the elections, but it's early.

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    • More than anything, this sounds like wishful thinking on the part of Rupert Murdoch. Ever since he acquired "The Wall Street Journal," the paper has increasingly become a platform for Murdoch's opinions -- irrespective of whether there are any hard facts to back things up. It's sad, because the WSJ used to be a bastion of sound financial thinking, regardless of the politics.

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      • Y'know I think it sad that the NYTimes has degenerated from a great newspaper to a left wing propaganda machine...after being a subscriber for 20 years I finally got burned out with the shrill noise...same with CNN...finally got tired after years of watching that channel my surprise I found that Murdoch's Fox News channel is far better balanced with Juan Williams , Bob Beckel(sp) , and Alan Colmes leading the Fox Liberal Team.....

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