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  • brandmarty2 brandmarty2 Mar 21, 2014 2:48 PM Flag

    OT: 1099-B for PIERS

    I am starting a new thread to discuss this subject because the other thread is getting too long and posts are lost in there.

    - So Danti, what do the smart people such as Sleepless get on their 1099? Is it the same percentage like me (12.6%) or like you and a few others here (2%)?

    - If you use a program like Turbo Tax to do your tax, you can do your amended tax return very easily. There are a lot of forms but the program does everything for you.

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    • Brand I finally received both my corrected 1099 INT as well as the 1099 B in the mail today.

      The amount on the B is the same as the first INT. Roughly 21 cents a share was reported.

      If you haven't received yours yet I'd suggest speaking to Angela and getting them emailed (she did for me yesterday).

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      • I should get my corrected 1099-B and 1099-INT today or in a few days. The important thing is that we are not supposed to be reported with an additional 12.6% or $1.32 per share. I am the only one who got that on my 1099-INT for some strange reason. It was reported like that on both of my 2 accounts where I held H shares so it cannot be just a typo. And I am the only one on this board to get reported like that strangely.

        OK so if my corrected 1099-B will report the same 1.32 per share again, I will give a call to the LTI to ask.

    • Brand, are you actually paying taxes on your worthless PIERS? That makes your PIERS less than worthless. Not only do you not receive any payments for your H's, but you also have to pay taxes on your non-payments. Brand, you are one shrewd investor. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATTA JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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