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  • chunkymonkey6819 chunkymonkey6819 Dec 23, 2011 11:20 AM Flag

    BOTTOM IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <<< Fun reading all these bashers dorks post stupid stuff... they are DEPRESSED >>>

    I know its always depressing being right and making money! <smirk>

    If you want to talk about dork posts, take a look at these:

    1) "We should hear something back from the fda soon."

    And the subject line on this thread: "$20 by next year" posted by none other than jon"the bonehead"blum.

    So apparantly to this nincompoop, who obviously can't tell the difference between his a-hole and a hole in the ground, Abio is going to HEAR from the FDA soon!!! LMAO.........someone tell this Dork of a peabrain, that that has already happened.
    And how can it go to $20 when they need close to $100m just to complete these trials and stay afloat for the next 6 years, and they only have around $2-3m in cash?
    Ya stupid peabrain keep running your pathetic pumping lies. Your stupidity is on the same level as Korman, and that must make you ANOTHER one of his numerous alias's.

    So for an idiot that thinks abio is still waiting to hear something from the FDA, now has the nerve to think he knows of when the bottom is in.
    How can you call a bottom when you don't even know a darn thing about this company, idiot?

    Funny how EVERY Pumptard on this board has the EXACT same MO. They change the name but the stupidity never changes!!!!
    LMAO at this pathetic DESPERATE useless pumper!!!!

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