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  • jonblum28 jonblum28 Mar 2, 2012 9:27 AM Flag

    Partner / buyout coming

    Don't be a fool like the monkey.

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    • I agree with slim and you. Chunky has been a pure abio basher for years. I am loaded up on two low price co's both of which will move up big soon.

      I will take 100% of that profit and play the next huge move down in the S&P500 after March 16th.

      • 1 Reply to seevalue2play_mterm
      • STFU you moron. So you've followed me for years you say peabrain? So that also means you've watched this POS turd do nothing but go straight down and YOU have the nerve to spew this BS!!
        Hahhahhah...........Another desperate attempt by korman and company. So this boneheaded pumper seevalue is basically telling you he's lost over 90% of his investment, but somehow he still agrees and likes korman & company the same dummies that encouraged him to buy this POS! And he doesn't like the person that was right all along!! Kinda funny how that works.
        And he says he bought at lows. What a dipchit. This POS is sitting at all time lows moron, there is no way you bought any lower, ESPECIALLY since you've followed this for years!!
        What a stupid moron. Are you micheals new replacement?
        Cuz you suck just like he does
        Well that makes a lot of sense. lmao

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