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  • rockettracker rockettracker Sep 30, 1999 6:29 PM Flag

    hamillrob- PR Guide Your Investments?

    So you liked the pretty little report? How about some meaningful financial performance for a change? Anybody can produce a slick set of graphics.

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    • I'm a defense worker from another company, and
      it's my view that defense companies are being packaged
      for investors as "moneymakers," which in the current
      market overcapitalization, means that things have to
      give internally. The Government sets our profit
      margins, and they are below the levels acceptable to a
      commercial business in a bull market. Yet our managements
      keep trying to package our companies as if they were
      growth stocks of some kind.

      When a market
      correction occurs, our stocks will look attractive again.
      With any luck, our companies will have enough
      engineers left to recover from this self-consuming period
      of stupidity we're going through.

      Worse yet,
      if they keep it up like this for very long, it is
      really going to wreck the nation's ability to defend its


      PS: I have no HRS stock. And
      I think you guys do good work, FWIW.

    • Dear tail_chaser_99,

      We have had a
      realtively nice week on this board with people intelligently
      discussing issues related to the stock, and now you must
      rear your ugly head again and start up with the mud
      slinging. Please just go away.

      I am sure that
      acominio has nothing to worry about. He is posting
      intelligent questions and issues regarding Harris stock and
      helping to move this board away from the filth it has
      been of late. I am sure that Harris appreciates that.

    • Despite all of your wonderful innovations, the
      stock continues to hit new lows.

      Engineers were
      once HRS biggest asset. But management decided that
      all engineers were interchangable. Just give them the
      proper procedures and anyone can be an engineer (have
      you read all the "command media").

      HRS needs
      professional management. Until it arrives, they will always be
      focused upon the wrong issues.

      Good luck to you,
      all Harris employees deserve better, even

      And yes, I have an MBA, but I also have a Phd in

      Hey Art, you've got big balls. Hope the computer
      monitors don't get you.

    • HRS is loaded with the latest in hand cranked
      recording devices. Geesh!
      You'd have us believe all the
      research is going to waste! That HRS isn't ready for Y2K.
      The hand cranks now come in decorative colors, too!

    • The message of the "Christmas Bonus of 1994" was
      that Engineers are resources, not assets (resources
      are consummed while assets are valued). Engineers at
      HRS are rewarded with the opportunity to contribute
      mass quantities of personal time uncompensated when
      there is lots of work only to be laid off or fired when
      things get lean due to poor management decisions and
      missed opportunities. Managers who can "drown the family
      cat" are rewarded with job security and longevity. HRS
      engineer-wannabe-managers insist on making technical decisions long after
      their technical sharpness is blunt while ignoring those
      who stay in engineering and know better.

    • Well, crying isn't gonna bring him back, unless
      your tears smell like dog food. So you can either sit
      there crying and eating can after can of dog food until
      your tears smell enough like dog food to make your dog
      come back -- or you can go out there and find your

    • I'm an engineer and my observation is that HRS
      would have dissolved a long time ago had it not been
      for creative financing, not superior technology. HRS
      current woes are a result of too much creative financing
      catching up with them and no technology upsides to soften
      the blow.

    • Ho hum. You keep barking the same old

      When your division gets to 50 percent of the total
      sales, as GCSD (formerly ESS) is now, wake us

      "Technology" can be bought and that's how some companies got
      it, didn't have to have their own engineers on board,
      but it helps. There are some engineers who just can't
      make the transition to being a business manager.
      Nevertheless, a good many engineers have spent years of their
      career at HRS investing their efforts trying to improve
      the company. They "own" the company, in figurative
      sense, as much as those who only buy the stock. Face it,
      most shareholders could care less what the company
      does as long as their equity grows or they get a
      dividend check. Employees (shareholder or not) have more
      at stake than those arm's length investors. We may
      be along for the ride, but we don't appreciate the
      driver falling asleep at the wheel.

    • I guess you're an MBA too, just like your buddy
      mba_mna, a real pair of axxholes. Unlike you I don't try
      to steal credit from other people like you were
      attempting to do. I value different opinions but it its
      clear that the only opinion that you value is yours.

      Sure wish I could see you say that to a sailors face,
      he'd remove your face in flash.

      I guess you
      weren't one of the hard "woking" employees , nor
      particularly intelligent either since no one would listen to

      You apparently assume I'm an engineer, and I'm not
      sure why. You apparently don't like engineers
      otherwise you wouldn't be including them as part of what
      you think is an insulting remark. Just remember, that
      without the engineers there would be no (repeat NO)
      technology in Harris or in any other technology company. As
      far as MBA's are concerned.. well some of my best
      friends are MBA's. So there!!!

      I don't know why
      Harris' stock is going down,while GE's is going up. It's
      clear you don't either. Maybe its because the GE board
      doesn't have a pair MBA axxholes trashing their former
      employer and fellow employees.

      Go sell some hot
      dogs and leave this board to people who care about
      what happens to Harris and its employees. It is clear
      that you are only interested in your pathetic little

      Like your fellow Must Be Axxhole, I choose to skip any
      further garbage posts from either of you!


    • You seem more like a pig than a watchdog, always
      wallowing in his own s*it. You are either an ex-sailor or
      just an uneducated foul mouth.

      There are many
      good, hard woking Harris employees, then there are some
      so dumb all they have is blind loyalty. They don't
      think for themselves and are easily led. They attack
      anyone with a different opinion.

      I was never
      downsized because I saw what was happening. You can only
      eat backlog and grab every penny of profit for so
      long before you crash. Maybe if Harris had
      professional management (yes MBA's matter) instead of a bunch
      of engineer wanna be managers then it would not be a
      $22 stock (a new low). Ask the GE/Harris folks about
      why they are doing well and most will give credit to
      GE management (they are mostly MBA's). And if you
      look, GE hit a new all time high today. Coincidence?

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