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  • stampede_trading stampede_trading Mar 21, 2004 7:26 PM Flag


    I'm new to this stock, can anyone inform me if there is any news pending, such as any legal events that could impact the stock price?

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    • Excuse me while I laugh at you again...


      Whew...that felt good. At least you're good for something. Is your IQ over 85? Doubt it.

    • wall2stock...

      What did you say to the "SEC"?

      Wondering minds would like to know.

      P.S. and why did you say it?

      Good Luck explaining this one.

    • >>I just reorted this guys original post to the SEC<<

      Well I guess we all know now who the idiot is that recommended the post in question?

      Lol, unbelievable,

    • OH NO...NOT THE SEC!!!

      Please, please, anything but that!!

      You're a no nothing punk who obviously has his head squarely up his ass. Reread the post again, the BIG NEWS might as well of been a new flavor of pizza coming out from Papa Johns for all the information it revealed.

      Lol...get a life.

    • I agree 100 percent this stock is gonna fly, it has way too many schools to even let 10-15 affect them. the fundamentals are there and that little messege that dude posted made me realize why never to get opinions from yahoo.

    • Notice that the RATS are no longer posting on this board. They just came in when the news hit and posted over 300 posts in one day. Now? Less than 10 per day or should I say very few posts. IF you go back and read my posts from so far back, you will read that I sold all my 401K in the 40s. Well, xfered it to a IRA and then sold.
      What am I doing? I am not chasing a sick puppy. I will wait and see. There are too many other stocks to make money in. Why does it have to be ESI? It is just like females, too many out there. Go get one and come back to this one later on. Yes, it might tank and then again it might not.

      For those risk takers jumping in when the stock is in the low 28ish is ok but out when it goes up a little.

      For longs, why get in here? Take a wait and see approach. In the meantime work other stocks. There will be plenty of time to work this stock. There should not be any rush to jump in at this time.
      If you are holding long, then may God have mercy on your funds.
      I see some posters go haywire on a stock. What is called marrying a stock or getting emotional. Why? Remember the object of this is to make money. It is not to marry any one stock. Make money on any stock.
      With the market being much lower than in the past month or so, there are so many good low priced stocks to work on.
      Guess most posters, esp on boards like this one, are just WANNABEs who think buying 100 shares of any one stock is a big deal. Guess they have to start somewhere. Most posters just go negative and think they can influence the stocks price. Maybe they can get influenced but ppl who work stocks for a living do not fall for posts, esp on this board.
      You want a good board? Go to ClearStation. They have a "community" and not wannabes like most boards.
      This is my one and only job. Working stocks. 24/7. If I am not trading then i am researching. I like technicals but fundamentas are good also.
      Good luck to all, longs and shorts and all wannabes.
      My outlook on ESI:
      1. Will trade a bit up and down but end down in the next 6 months. low 20s, then in a year or so will come back up,
      2. will bounch up after hitting the low 25ish
      Which of the two will happen? Or will something else happen? Who knows? If I did, then all my monies would be in the stock, long or short. I would not be posting and I would be counting my monies.
      It all depends what comes out of this MESS, ie investigation and lawsuits.
      Remember I worked for ITT as an Electronic Instructor for over 15 years. My retirement is still there. My 401K is all xfered to an indivdual IRA at a broker so that is safe from any consequences this mess might have

    • According to my broker, there is HUGE NEWS pending and on the way shortly.

      This quite possibly will have a major impact on the share price.

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