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  • msantiitttech msantiitttech Dec 17, 2005 9:55 PM Flag

    ITT Miami fiasco

    Once again, ITT Miami shows how it is a true leader in garbage, politics and unjust distribution of punishments. In case anyone has not heard by now, ITT Miami is again experiencing a shake up. On Friday, December 9th, 2005, two administrator at the college were fired. Though everyone at the college is now aware of the terminations, the college leadership has issued a threat to its faculty and staff NOT to discuss any aspect of the situation, or face administrative consequences. This of course, leaves for much speculation and rumor circulating on what really happened, and gives way to alot of bogus information. In an effort to clarify this entire load of hogwash, here is the whole scoop.
    On December 8th, 2005, Mr. Hawthorne and Mr. Boothe from headquarters showed up at the college under the guise of conducting an investigation. They interviewed numerous members of the faculty and staff, including among them the registrar, Susan Surratt Jenkins, the director of carreer services, Georgetta Raelic, the dean Dr. Sasmor, Mr. Olson, Mr. Guerra, the network administrator Anthony Dominguez and others. I heard about this interviewing, but really did not care much. So much bull occurs at ITT Miami, I really was not interested.....I should of been, but little did I know. Later in the day, Dr. Sasmor was heard making statements of "if I did anything wrong, then just get it over me or slap me on the wrist..but get it over with". On December 9th, though I was still ill, I attended work to cover my Friday morning class. After my students went home, I left for lunch, and still feeling ill, I went home. I was called on the telephone and a message was left. I felt I should return, and I did. Upon my return, my director Mr. Hayward managed to stall me until Mr. Hawthorn and Mr. Boothe arrived. They were very friendly, and told me they had a problem with a student that graduated from the ISS program in September of 2004, and they wanted to see if I could help them. I obliged and listened to their questions. They spent approximately 25 minutes asking me questions about a former graduate and his having tested out of classes. It quickly became clear, that they wanted me to either accuse, or state that this student had access to tests and answers before his test outs. Please keep in mind that this individual and circumstance is NOT related to the recent scandal at ITT Miami where it was discovered students were paying others to take their online classes and tests. In that scandal, though I obtained confessions from 13 different students that they indeed paid for this illegal "service", I was told to disregard. Of course, the college did not want to have to kick out 13 would seriously affect the numbers, and the director would not want any of that. Anyhow, once it became clear that I would not "roll over" and crucify the student they were trying to accuse, they asked me about my own BS degree also obtained from ITT Miami. As some already know, though I was the chair for the school of IT at ITT Miami, the director of the college, Mr. Hayward obtained permission from someone at headquarters for me to enroll in the program, and to complete it at ITT Miami. That is exactly what I did. Having worked in technology for 7 or 8 years, I was well qualifed to pass every single class in the program. Simply put, I did not have a technology degree, and I wanted one. I took the required 25% of the classes at the campus, and tested out of the rest, as allowed under ITT policy. .

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    • hey,

      thanks for all the info from 2004 and 2005....4-5 years ago. It really helps. Let us know if you see some even more timely info from the 1990's.

    • is this the best u can do?

      bringing up OLD threads in year 2005!!!!!!

      what a freakinnn desperate shortie u r!

    • With schools like this the stock will drop more and more.

    • Fort Lauderdale school is the worst school, nobody has respect for the director or the dean or the associate dean they are scum bags no ethics what sover, they inflate grades th dean like the student or if she wants to keep him in school they cook the books falsify drop dates to look good , they busted by the FEDS in 2004 and they will busted again for their bad practices, non of them have proper experience or education to run school the director and the dean were both receptionist, the dean is very selfish looking for her gain and she has her eyes in the director's job. The dont know how to run school , student are suffering alot of drops one they realized that they have been lied to and the scholl doesn't meet their expectation , non of the graduate can pass a simle employer's exam , most of the grads are plced in a low paying job hardly pay their bills and left in a deep hole with 80 k loan the default rate is very high and one day feds will become knocking to close the school for ever. The old programs are vanishing such the electronics and business hardly any body in those programs few students in the Businees program and they all want to drop because of the lack of education and the high cost . The electronics program soon will be phased out because of the lack of studens the old equipments which doesn't work and the computers which are out dated . Ever thing run in this school based on favortism nothing is going by the rule. The instructors she like will keep and the other she doesn't like will set the up and foced the leave or fire them.So petential students don't go to ITT it a waste of time and money go to a real school which is respected the name ITT sound fancy but it is empty from inside if you want to try for week go there and see if you like the whole opeation but do your math research vey well before you dig a hole to your self.

    • ITT Stock will dive down sooner or later it is inlated with no value like the truth about itt big name no value what so ever. The campuses especially Miami and Fort Lauderdale the labs has fault equipment has not been calibrated in 10 years out of warenty labs dont work from NIIT books , computers are slow and out of date . student dropping like flies due to the they had been lied toand the rest of the student keep bouncing from program to another programs one student switched to five programs already due to bad advisement , the business program has less than 10 students and 9 of them will drop due to the fact it is going to cost them 80 k , the nursing program will fail due to tough cmpetetion between anothe cheaper school with high quality education for 1/5 of price of ITT. Beside the corruption and inflating grades forging attendance and hiring 80% of adjuct faculty care less abot students

    • Why the dont investigate The current dean of ITT - Fort Lauderdale Tina Daley Ball when she gave transfer credits and the test out exam for her boyfriend Tim Ball and current husband now she gave the answes to exams and the questions to test out , his files should be investigated though three years has passed but the truth will come out sooner or later.

    • It is so good to see how little by little the trash is being eliminated by atrition! Which is the case at Miami ITT, still a long way to go but not bad for year's end cleaning up.

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