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  • dc7drvr dc7drvr Apr 23, 2006 2:37 PM Flag

    Profits to Rise

    ITT will probably have much higher profits next quarter as a result of several changes they have made that will lower their operating costs. They have made major changes to their instructor salary package that is intended to be an incentive to go elsewhere. They have done away with the permium pay for technical instructors and spread that money around to all adjunct instructors. Their stratety seems to be to eleminate full-time positions with benefit costs in favor of an all adjunct staff without benefits. While adjuncts are paid more per hour, they are only paid for the hours they are in the classroom with no overhead costs for unproductive time. This should result in an easy 20% reduction in instructor overhead costs over the next year.

    They also seem to have put a new evaluation process into place. Salary action is now based on student retention and persistence. Instructors whose students either drop or fail to return will have a reduced income.

    Buy in before the new cost structor goes into effect.

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    • ITT can replace their leadership, but guess what? It's still going to be the same story, but with different actors...I am convinced that this school will go down the tubes in the not-too-distant future.

      Most of the tech schools suck, as I have worked at several of them throughout my 30-yr career. However, ITT is the worst that anyone can imagine (I worked for many yrs at 2 different ITT schools, and it was the same BS). I was in contact with faculty from other ITT schools, and everyone had the same "complaints." Easy to use labels like "disgruntled" ex-employee. With ITT they must have a litany of prepared responses using every excuse in the book (probably written by some foreigner that can barely speak English!).

      Let's keep out the name-calling dudes:-)

    • One Instructor told me that ITT is hiring all Adjunct Instructors. To me they are not Adjuncts, but "Disjuncts." The Online school is the worst. It seems most of those Instructors don't give a sh*t.

    • You couldn't have said it any better. However, the screwing will continue unless the students walk out and demand what they are paying for - a good education with collegiate books and professional Instructors who know what they are talking about and care. Students are paying $30,000+ per year for books written in jibberish that have no continuity and a staff of Instructors who are higherd on a part-time basis and they are only there to make a fast buck. What happened to the old school of ITT where the Instructors were there to help the students and cared for the education they were giving them and had educational clubs. All this is gone now because ITT does not want full-time Instructors who care. This school just wants your money. It has now become a "Diploma Mill." Why pay $30,000 when you can pay half that or even less at a Community college or State college. "The old ITT is gone."

    • Too many employees have been screwed and have a RIGHT to be p*ssed off. Not just a few "disgruntled" ex-employees. There's an army of people that worked for ITT, tried to do the RIGHT thing, and took it up their butts for not "looking the other way."

      There are numerous people that read the posts on this msg board.

      Stop the cr*p of worrying about grammar, and the personal attacks about all the former employees and students that are just trying to tell it like it is: ITT is full of sh*t!

    • I have is quick question. Is a Masters Degree required to teach upper division, or Bachelors level classes?

    • Get over it VN! You got fired because you weren't doing you job, so quit trying to drag ITT and the Director down!
      I believe the program chair you have been talking too needs to check his facts. 5 instructors were not let go, and having a bs degree is an ITT reg NOT an ACICS.
      If the Fort Wayne campus is so bad, why did you send your resume to try to teach AFTER you were fired? Get a life!

    • I would prefer not to answer that question. From what I have seen, ITT Management are inclined to retaliate against someone who can be identified. Although I am retired, I do tend to take part-time jobs and I am sure they would damage future prospects if they knew enough to identify me. I have not been at all impressed by the quality of their local management.

    • What city are you located in? I'm interested to know if all of the campuses are suffering the same fate.

    • Interesting threads. I cannot decide if they are trying to market themselves to another company, or just trying to drive the instructors out so they can push the students into the more profitable on-line company that now offers all of the degree programs on-line. If they were to transition to an all on-line school, then they could oursource all of their instruction to India where their books and materials appear to have been created. After teaching seven weeks at ITT, I am picking up an Indian accent from reading the textbooks.

    • de7drvr, you are so right that they don't care about instructors with only a bs teaching in the bachelor programs, but ACICS DOES care and will knock ITT even harder. ACICS is really watching all the wrong doings at ITT Tech. That's way at least 5 instructors were let go two weeks ago; they had a bs and were teaching bachelor level courses--a big no no. Heck, at Ft. Wayne, it took over two years to get some accreditation things cleared up--mainly because the director keeps telling employees to do different things to try to get past his immoral, unethical, and illegal ways.

      Believe me, employees like program chairs, are threatened with their jobs if they speak the truth because the truth makes the director look bad and the director is afraid HQ will find out how he is making his money.

      I can only hope that the FEDS, SEC, and ACICS REALLY take a look, talk to employees and students to see what is really going on. It's awful--and the way financial aid works is truly illegal and unethical. But it all comes down to the big bonus for the director at the end of the year.

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