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  • andywebb95 andywebb95 Oct 2, 2007 3:03 PM Flag

    Satisfied Graduate and Wish I Had Bought Stock

    There are quite a few negative posts on this board directed towards ITT Tech.

    I thought I would post a positive one.

    I attended the ITT Tech in Rancho Cordova and I graduated in 2000.

    For me personally I:

    * enjoyed the three years I spent earning my Bachelors Degree in Electronics

    * learned quite of bit of material I did not know and also found a new hobby

    * developed professional relationships with some of my instructors which I am happy to maintain

    * developed skills that I use today

    I am happily and successfully employed in a well paying job and I was also able to leverage my Bachelors Degree (ITT is nationally accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by both the USDOE and CHEA) towards obtaining a Masters Degree (MBA) at the University of Phoenix (which is a regionally accredited for-profit university). My experience at UOP was also positive.

    So IMHO my education at ITT was a good investment.

    However there are three things I think the school could do to improve.

    * Seek regional accreditation. The accredition agency that vets ITT today is a good one, but the "gold standard" of accreditation is regional and regional accreditation would go a long way towards "adding value" to their degrees. This may present a logistical problem since ITT is a nation wide chain of schools... but the University of Phoenix is also nationwide and they have regional accreditation (all schools are considered extensions of the main university in Phoenix)

    * Lower the cost of tuition. When I attended ITT the tuition was reasonable. But I would find it hard as a prospective student to eventually pay over $30K for a two year degree.

    * Use published textbooks. (NOTE: This is no longer an issue since to my knowledge ITT fixed this and reverted back to textbooks so I include it here for sentimental reasons). When I attended ITT we had good textbooks (which I still have). ITT then switched to a lower cost alternative (the NIIT "books") which was not well received.

    I think if ITT would be able to modify their business model to include these changes they would find themselves to be even more successful that they already are.

    Finally I wish I bought stock :) It was $30.00 about 3 years ago and now its over $100.00!

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    • Nope not the same person

    • Sorry not on the ITT payroll. Give it up.

    • Is this the same person?

      Different handle/same writing style, hmmmmm.

      Anyways I am glad you believe yourself (that's important).

      The last ITT I visited (and the only ITT I have ever visited) was the one I graduated from (Rancho Cordova).

      You are correct in saying the virtual library is not accessible to non-students (many sites are like this on the internet... customer only) but every student has a login/password and every alumnus has a login/password.

      As for students not knowing about it....... it is kinda hard to miss and (in my experience) they do tell you about its existence pretty much on day one.

    • The total books in each ITT schools in the LRC is less than one thousand books , most books are free copies from the publishing companies and the budget for the LRC is less 500 dollars ayear the money goes bonus to the school directors that is why ITT doesn't spend money on the LRC, and the virtul library is a scham you can access the any on line library without being a student.
      Andy web he said he is a graduate but I think he knows too much details about ITT and my experience no student know these tiny details. This guy is lying he is in ITT pay roll and could be a dean or a director of ITT school, trying to save his job. But itt will go down fast because it is a total fraud school . Andy trying to defen the LRC which is mainly NIIT books worthless copies.
      The labs are old equipments are faulty , computers are not upgraded to industry level, schools may buy pizza to shut the students mouth but not for long , the pizza is costing them 80 k with loans and the credits will not transfer any where and at the end students will get 12 dollars job at the most, it is a very bad investment fo the poor students .

    • I believe you, not andywebb. Among his farcical rants he claims to visit a school yet doesn't say which one. Students don't even know about the virtual library, and I know as fact that LRC coordinators are encouraged to log into the VL in order to give the appearance that it is being used. Anyone with half a brain can get stats to lie. It's probably going to take some time for the ship to sink, but I've already hopped ship as did many others. There is a very small float on this stock, and it is quite easy to manipulate the price.

    • Are you drunk??

      I am not a dean nor am I employed by ITT in any way shape or fashion.

      My only motivation is to see the school I gradated from survive and thrive in the future and to share some good news about the school at the same time.

      Thats all.

    • I think this guy is more than ITT graduate he is a dean trying to save his job , ITT will never be accredited by a regional accreditation neither Southern nor Northern accrediation. It is a career center , instructors are unqulified deans are unqualified can you beieve that
      ITT Fort Lauderdale dean is a former ITT Receiptionist , that is why ITT is failing and will fail and will be closed down like the school like NEC and others. hey have a virtual library with no books connecetd to some fraud schools.
      NIIT books are sham and when they changed these books they changed the cover and the content is worthless.
      Stop defending ITT it is a total fraud school and will never be acredited by regional accreditation , ITT staff are jumping to this board to prevent this ship from sinking and they will fail

    • I cannot comment on the textbooks since I have not seen what they are using lately.

      ACICS is national SACS is regional, so yes this would be the way to go. Although I don't believe Indiana (this is where ITTs HQ is right?) falls under SACS jurisdiction so ITT would want to probably seek accreditation with the North Central Association.

      I think the LRC is fine for what it offers (at the campus I graduated from they mainly have computers, some current books, and some donated older books) but IMHO physical libraries are becoming secondary. Most people that I know are using online sources With this in mind the schools virtual libary ( is pretty good. The last time I looked they were doing a darn good job maintaining this resource. Also the University of Phoenix does not (to my knowledge) have a physical library either (they have an online library).

      The last time I visited an ITT campus (about a month ago) the labs all had updated equipment. And some of the labs had equipment I wish I had the $ to buy for myself (like digital oscilloscopes).

      Great idea on the introspective review, especially publishing surveys.

      Note: I think ITT does have an independent review system already setup now with their local advisory committees (local employers give feedback) and they were doing this when I went there.

    • Excellent post! However, there a several issues that are not on point. The textbooks are absolutely horrible. Written by Indians with no command of the English languauge (see for yourself). Keeping these books as part of the curriculum and changing the cover of these books is not solving the problem.

      Trust me on this one. ACICS accreditation is at best -- a farce. SACS accreditation would be the way to go -- and ITT is light years behind on this one.

      The LRC (libraries) leave much to be desired. Outmoded books that fill up the shelves just to give the appearance of a library with books. More often than not, there is nothing budgeted for updating outmoded materials.

      Computers and equipment are outdated as well (and much of this equipment doesn't even work). For what these students are paying they should be getting a free up-to-date laptop as an incentive.

      An introspective review by outside parties wouldn't hurt either. That coupled with student/faculty surveys that would be published would put to rest how the majority of students and faculty really feel about this school (past faculty and students should be included).

      Once again, good luck in your future endeavors.

    • I agree the school is not the same school I gradated from but quite a few of the fundamentals are still there.

      I also know two very recent graduates and during a discussion with them today the biggest complaints they shared with me were....

      * the cost of tuition (too high compared to other schools for a two year degree). They both have hefty student loans to pay back now.

      * ITT's current accreditation (national accreditation) which makes it hard but not impossible to transfer credits to regionally accredited schools.

      But despite these facts they both felt they received a pretty good education.

      So (referring back to my original post) I think if ITT could fix both of these issues (at the very least obtaining regional accreditation) the school will be better off.

      To be honest as things stand right now today I (as a consumer) would NOT attend ITT due to mainly the cost and the current accreditation. The instruction is good, the materials are good, the accreditation itself is good, and the delivery model is convenient, but the $ cost is too high for a degree that is difficult to transfer to regionally accredited schools (but then again if this was the only degree someone wanted to obtain then I could see where this might not be a problem).

      I am not familiar enough with the education market to say whether or not it is becoming a commodity type of market but I can say that from what I have seen other schools (both public schools and private schools) have changed their models to better serve students. So what helped differentiate ITT in the past is being increasingly negated today.

      Businesses have to change their models from time to time to suit changing markets and it might be time for ITT to tweak their model.

      They need to add more selling points to their offering and a quality education (which they offer now) conveniently delivered (which they do now) at a competitive price (not so competitive now) that you can build on in the future (not so easy now) with ITT or someone else, would be, IMHO, the way to go.

      It might be difficult in the short term and they would most certainly feel a backlash in the market (what company doesn't though when they lower prices) but the number of paying customers they attract would probably increase and they would be better off in the long term.

      Plus their stock price would go down for awhile which would allow me to probably buy some :)

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