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  • aaatiles aaatiles Mar 21, 2008 12:49 AM Flag

    Jamesnjames = Tina Daley Ball = ITT Ft. Lauderdale

    For someone who attended a "Christ-centered" college such as Cedarville University, Mrs. Daley-Ball, your posts most certainly don't appear very Christ-like. Were you asleep during all those Bible-oriented lectures? What would Jesus do? Maybe if you were nice to people, all these posters wouldn't be so mean towards you. It's not too late.

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    • This school should be closed , students are ripped off with this scam school.
      People like Tina Fuccken Daley Ball running scam school in Charlotte NC.

    • Bad School of Technology and business , worthless diploma bad management.

    • Tina Daley Ball the dean academic affair at ITT-Fort Lauderdale is the worst sub human being on earth, selfish bitch doesn't care for any one she walks over any body to achieve her gools.
      She started as a receiptionist at ITT-Tampa faked her resume that she was a part time English instructor and no body in itt tampa ever so her teaching a class the only thing she was handing student fors a secretary in the department.
      Came down to Fort lauderdale as career service manger , her secretary got upset the way Tina treated her and the secretary wrote resignation in a piece of tiolet paper and haded it to her.
      The she became a regitrar and the damage is worst, she falsified recors and grades fr her boyfriend at that time and now who became her husband plus falsifying grades for the students who she was giong out with and they are may be a dozen or more.
      That is what ITT-Fort Lauderdale is running by two bitches like a jail demorlaize instructors and staff.
      That is why ITT will fail and close soon.

    • F.u.c.k itt it is a fraud school, i hope soon they will close the door on the diploma mill factory, and chase out the corrupt people.
      bad school to learn technology and business, the stock will worth nothing.

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