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  • freetzwilly freetzwilly Mar 21, 2008 12:41 PM Flag

    Jamesnjames = Tina Daley Ball = ITT Ft. Lauderdale

    Face it lady, you may as well resign from your position at ITT before the shit hits the fan. Look who is calling the kettle black. You never have posted here any credible evidence of anything. You just make stupid sly remarks that amount to nothing. This person that your calling a fraud is right on mark. ITT is finally headed for ground zero where it belongs. Too bad for all the honest hard working Instructors I had at ITT during my short stay.

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    • TINA DALEY BALL now she is a director of ITT North Carolina , TOTAL SCAM lady falsified grades records financial aid job placements slept with every other student at ITT now she is bringing ITT down to its knees , ITT stock will worth 1 cent in few weeks, so Tina be ready to work as a cleaning made or a dish washer because you are a #$%$ bag white trash #$%$.

    • Tina Daley-Ball shamful name of ITT Charlotte South with pigs like her itt will be worth 13 cents , worthless fraud itt diploma mill factory should be closed forever no more drive though diploma mills.

    • Well said,
      Tina daley is nothing but fraud she screw dozen of students and fixed thei grades.
      She jumped from a nasty reciptionist at ITT-Tampa to dean at Fort Lauderdale by falsifying her resume, sooner or later some body will come to his senses and fire this bitch she screwed many lives with her Nazi behaviors.

    • TinaDaleyBall Total Fraud of ITT these diploma mills should be closed forever.

    • ITT is going down the drain, ITT stole the Vetrans money sold them bad education gave them high intest loan with 30% intrest time to ITT to close its doors and people like tina daley ball can clean dishes falsifying record cook the books fake numbers now it shows after all those years.

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