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  • aaatiles aaatiles Mar 21, 2008 1:38 PM Flag

    Jamesnjames = Tina Daley Ball = ITT Ft. Lauderdale

    Of your 71 posts to this board since Oct. 2006, here is a sample of some (none of them insightful or meaningful in terms of finance):

    Don't put words into my posts. I never defended the admissions reps. In fact, I believe I smashed them in my first post here. In my opinion...

    I'm not a casual investor, and I only check the site a few times per month, if that. I'm far from a "corporate-a$$kisser," as in several of my posts I posted things I disagree with...

    When the stock rises, it is due to greedy investors. It has nothing to do with the company.When the stock falls, it's because the company is a fraud. It has...

    Very few to no ITT students are thinking about their student loans. If they were, they probably wouldn't be going to ITT. Also, considering ITT...

    When the 'facts' are all variants of "OMG THE DEAN LEAVES EARLY TO GET HER NAILZ DUN," there's not much to do but attack the person presenting them.

    Unfortunately, once you post something on the internet, it's fair game.

    You have herpes.

    Every publicly traded company is the ENRON of their sector in some way. If people are making money, somebody is getting screwed in somebody else's eyes.If...

    So since I'm her, what's that say about you, since I can form a valid point and you cannot? Hell, since I can form a valid sentence and you cannot.Another disgusting, libelous, post from one of your multiple accounts...

    The only thing worse than a liar is a bad liar.

    Of course, this last one is my favorite. Almost all of your posts seem to be condescending in correcting someone's grammar, syntax, spelling, etc., just like someone with an English degree background, which from what I understand is the same as Mrs. Tina Daley-Ball. Furthermore, two of your posts mention "God-like" and "Christian". Why would anyone bring those up if they weren't steeped in Christianity since Mrs. Daley-Ball attended the "Christ-centered" Cedarville University.

    If you are not, in fact, Tina Daley-Ball, then stop hiding behing the mask of jamesnjames and identity yourself, if you are not afraid to step out into the light.

    I'm sure you will provide some goofy deflective response to this, as you always seem to do.

    As you can see from my posts, I have offered an in-depth analysis here that is sorely needed and is open for honest critique and debate. What positive things can you do for this board? Nothing it seems.

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    • I don't think it's asking much to expect proper grammar, or something that may be confused with it, out of those so eager to bash ITT for providing shoddy educations. If you want to talk down about a group, especially in the academic industry, you should know the difference between there, their, and they're. Otherwise, you're a person who can't even communicate on an 8th grade level, so why should anyone take you seriously?

      I've made plenty of posts of substance. Maybe not in terms of finance, as you say. Initially, I posted on my experiences and observations while attending the school. Admittingly, a decent chunk of my posts have been made for nothing more than my own entertainment, but I find myself at times unsure of how I should really respond to people as ridiculous as some of those that frequent this board.

      As for you, you aren't posting the numbers because you're concerned about the bank accounts of those visiting this board, you're posting them with an obvious agenda of bashing the company. How substantive! How noble! Please post more!

      • 3 Replies to jamesnjamesn
      • LOL - So this is your great response - "Poor Grammer." I wanna see numbers buddy - I wanna see how well ITT is really doing buddy or is it girlie. You're stating the grammer is not up to par when ITT administrators are so unethical and the so called exec's don't have an answer to the student loan problem, all you can come up is grammer - shut the "F" up asswipe.

      • yp_dave_fort_myers_beach yp_dave_fort_myers_beach Mar 21, 2008 5:54 PM Flag

        Entertainment? Attacking on a personal level with everyone fair game? Is it "Dailey" Ball? Seems like you and Nan had balls dailey dangling in front of your faces. BTW, eight-grade level is written with a hyphen. AAATILES RULES!

      • For students that pay $400+/credit hour, they DESERVE the best. If ITT is not offering the best, then students are not getting what they deserve. Period. If you want to call this bashing, fine. I call it a challenge to management to do better, or get out of the game. Should there be any alternative to that? No.

        And none of these posts will matter in five or ten years. What does matter and what will be remembered will be if the graduates have any money in the bank to pay the rent/mortgage, car payment, food, utilities, clothing, college education for their kids, etc. Someone should stand up for their best interests, as opposed to someone who just puts them down incessantly because their grammar is not perfect, and responds purely for entertainment. Perhaps you should get the Comedy Central cable option or better yet, go to a live comedy club for entertainment. Either you are just plain mean, have a god complex, or are insecure but trying to hide it through these rude posts. Get over it. Go have fun somewhere.

        Again, can you post the info on the breakdown of students in the 2-year programs versus 4-year programs and their average starting salaries? Also, where did you get the info?

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