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  • aaatiles aaatiles Apr 17, 2008 6:13 PM Flag

    Inside info on ITT Tech ?

    check this link out I cam across:

    click on each of the pages, like the loan form, the enrollment form, and especially the internal memo.

    If this Waiver Period is, in fact, happening now because no lenders are lined up, and then ESI tries to collect $5,000 after 90 days elapses and no financial aid comes through, ESI will show receivables on its books and will then be in the business of actually trying to collect those receivables. If you see a large increase in receivables on the balance sheet in 1Q2008 or 2Q2008 from 12-31-07, then you have to ask what is the collection rate on them. ESI may use this tactic to keep revenues and net equity appear to be up, lest analysts start asking questions, God forbid, why revenues from legitimate sources, such as loans, are going down.

    Do your own homework, people.

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    • Let me just tell you two things: 1-you are a douchebag and 2-ITT manipulates the job search sites like Monster, Careerbuilder, etc... to lure well-educated individuals to teach at their sham of a "school". Look at the turnover rate of ITT faculty. The only way you will stay with ITT maintaining your $50,000 job is by giving grades...simply put.

      Aaatiles and I differ in that he is an investor/speculator and I am a former employee. True, I am more passionate, but I am not disgruntled by leaving ITT...I am completely happy and making twice over my salary with ITT. I feel for two sectors: America's youth who are being cheated to believe that THIS is what education is and society as a whole.

    • sorry, bub, but all of the trades I have disclosed are, in fact, real.

      Today, I bought 300, 150, 150, 100 shares when ESI was dropping in the early morning for an average cost of $84.683. Sold all 700 shares two minutes before close at $84.95 limit order. Clearly, you have no idea about options trading or day trading.

      Figured there would be a bump up to $86 or $87 in the late afternoon (usually from 2pm to 3:30pm) from short-sellers trying to close positions near day's end, but no luck.

      Consequently, only $137 net today ($187 less $50 commissions on 5 trades [4 to buy, 1 to sell]. You do the math, as I already have. I'm not going to detail the other trades today in PBR, FRE, LEH.

      I'm not making up grandiose trades like "I sold 20,000 shares today and made $5 profit/share". That WOULD be unbelievable.
      My trades are real. Whether you believe it or not, I don't care. I am merely disclosing my positions.

      Why do you need my prediction for Q2? Why don't you tell me yours for a change to see how accurate you are? Anyone can pull up the analysts' predictions. Why don't you put some analysis behind yours.

      Believe me, if there is money to be made near or after earnings release, I will have my hat in the ring in one direction or the other since I am not married to this one like you are.

      Egg, continuing on your comment to Mr. Johnsondirector, if you think that former employees of ESI are stupid, what do you think the majority of ESI graduates are since they are "learning" from those instructors? Yeah, UPS truck drivers...

      This company's life is limited. My analysis of this company is spot on. It's you that is delusional as to the long-term viability of ESI in its current format. It needs to scale back to about 40 "campuses" in major cities, raise the difficulty of the entrance exam SIGNIFICANTLY, lay off 50% of the instructors after closing 60 "campuses", aim not for the "Top 95%" of high school graduates but more like the "Top 60%", lower the cost of the credit hour to something more competitive like $200/hour and only raise tuition when the market demands as opposed to the standard 5% per year which is more than inflation. Of course, current management cannot afford to take such a drastic step because it is addicted to the cash flow from the 30% of its students who really don't have the intelligence or future economic means to pay back ANY loan and shouldn't even BE in school at ESI to begin with. Without them, it would be filing bankruptcy within months. That is the reality.

      Anything short of that and you and the institutional investors are contributing to its pathetic continued existence without morals.

      May you choke on a wad of hundred dollar bills contributed by 30% of ESI's sub-prime, sub-90-IQ students.

    • ESI heading down all the way to earnings announcement on 4/24. Then free fall as institutional investors scale back holdings since no one will be buying their available shares for sale? I think the market has spoken.

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      • Bringing this classic thread to the top. To quote AAATILES

        "ESI heading down all the way to earnings announcement on 4/24. Then free fall as institutional investors scale back holdings since no one will be buying their available shares for sale? I think the market has spoken."

        This dude soiled his pants on this one. The "free fall" turned into a 25% pop.

        AAATILES- please provide your next prediction for the upcoming earnings release so that we can all invest the opposite since you your past performance proves that you have no clue.

        Time to eat some egg salad.

    • This website link is a real let down. It says absolutely nothing.

      Gee, for a guy who does not own ESI stock or have any other interest in the company, you sure spend a lot of time bashing the stock.

      Time to go downstairs and eat an egg salad sandwich. I like mine on wheat toast. How do you like yours?

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      • It says nothing? Maybe you can't read English or lack the ability to comprehend what you can read or what impact the news might have on ESI. What a pity.

        As I say, this is not bashing. It is a wake-up call to management to get back to their original mission: stop chasing the dollar at the expense of true students, make the entry exam MUCH more rigorous, stop allowing teachers to turn a blind eye during tests (allowed cheating, even many ITT alumni admit to witnessing this, but stood idle, and are therefore complicit along with the instructors and management), charge a more reasonable rate/credit hour. ANY incident of cheating at any community college or 4-year university that is worth spit results in expulsion, not the second time, but the very first time. If this means that ESI's student population decreases by half, then so be it. If ANYONE is paying $455/credit hour, every student should be get a top quality education, and I don't think that is happening for anywhere near 100% of the students, perhaps 30%. If management doesn't address these issues sometime soon, there will be nothing left to salvage, regardless of what the federal government does. The crest of the tsunami is reaching shore and is poised for a huge crash if left unattended. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. People are wising up to this for-profit school.

        On another note, with all the food choices from all the cultures in the world, egg salad is so blase. I don't believe I've even had any in years. I've had eggs in my salad, but not egg salad.

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