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  • aaatiles aaatiles Jul 10, 2008 12:33 AM Flag

    Inside info on ITT Tech ?


    your level of dorkiness is truly staggering. Your effort at sarcasm and self-flagellation are quite comical. I haven't crapped my pants on this one. Au contraire, I've actually done quite well if you care to read all the trades I've made on it. Still hold some October puts but closed out the July puts already as duly noted in the earlier posts.

    If you want to do the opposite of what I say, then I say BUY, BUY, BUY....

    Why, just today, I sold short 450 shares at $88.35 and bought to cover three minutes to close on a limit order at $85.95 when ESI was trading at $86.04. I guess someone needed to sell bad enough to take a $0.09/share haircut with three minutes to the closing bell because the trade went through and then PPS spiked up to close around $86.50. So, that was a $1,080 profit less the $20 round-trip commission. And that was just one stock to trade today.

    I can do that day in and day out with ESI due to its volatility.

    You are so married to ESI that it's sick. And if you truly believe that ESI is a worthwhile venture for 100% of the students, or even 50% of the students, then you are sicker than I originally thought. You and the other institutional investors involved with ESI are nothing more than capitalistic whores. I can honestly say I have never run across a company with such an overwhelming negative feedback. Whether 100% of it is true or even 50% of it is true, the magnitude of backlash is staggering.

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    • Love is in the air! Perhaps I could have one of my flesh peddlers give you a call to take a tour of our campus? Do you realize what a degree from shy-itt can do for you, your future, and most importantly...your family?

      BELIEVE the posts people. Why would SEVERAL former employees waste their time if they were not trying to protect unsuspecting investors? I WISH I worked for Enron or Arthur Anderson as I would have been a whistle blower years prior.

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