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  • tommy_proctor222 tommy_proctor222 May 3, 2012 2:21 PM Flag

    Short Squeeeeze

    The shorts are going to get slaughered. Between company buy backs and institutional holders, at the next spike, there is going to be a rush to cover. If I am a short, I get out now. Especially with the drop today.
    Tommy Proctor

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    • i took a position two years ago, admittedly at a substantially higher price than the currently level, and i just doubled my stake. I couldn't help myself in doubling my position when considering the dynamics of what's tranpiring.......

      In all honesty, I've never been in a situation where the shorts are fighting a management team that has millions (well, hundreds of millions of dollars)at its disposal to fight the shorts. If there's one thing I've learned in my many years in the market, it's never to go against a company that has solid fundamentals.

      I wish I could wish the shorts luck here but that would be a complete waste of time......

      The longs WILL make a ton of money here... IT'S A DONE DEAL.

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      • "solid fundamentals"??? What company are you looking at? Enrollment at ESI has declined 7 quarters in a row and will continue to erode next quarter - management even admitted to that.

      • One thing I can not figure out re ESI was the price action on Thursday. Shares were down almost $5 and that price decline came in the first half of the day on roughly 120,000 shares on the NYSE. And there was no news to be had anywhere.

        So, who sells a stock down $5 on 125,000 shares? Why would any push ESI shares down $5 with such little volume. Furthermore, that 125,000 shares was the NYSE listed number and that may be double counted (seller unloads to specialist or other short term day trade player, and the buyer immediately sells the same. Thus, the same physical shares are counted over and over again.

    • Happy to buy shares on every decent pullback like today. Hoping the net short position built some. Hoping the techies and shorts can sell enough to get the stock a bit lower tomorrow.

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