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  • oxledge oxledge Jul 6, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    And where is the outrage!

    There has been so much "outrage" directed at the for-profit educational sector, mostly I believe related to the high unemployment rate and also student debt (which is hard to repay when one does not have a job). But there has hardly been a word muttered about the not-for-profit sector. I guess if your school doesn't make any money, what can you complain about? Well, you can complain about not having a job and your student debt load too! You can also complain about the massive financial waste that goes on in the not-for-profit sector.

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    • Should any student be outraged? I suppose that would depend on a few factors. First was there any heavy influence applied to them to join a school such as professional sales people or advertising campaigns in the case of FP schools.

      In the case of not for profit schools did their parents force them to go there. In both cases they may have reason for outrage, of course if they used a little intelligence when going into the public sector schools they are probably carrying a considerable amount of less debt than the FP student.

    • Apparently, many states have been diverting this money for coal mine remediation to other completely unrelated projects and the government is trying to put its foot down. The leading culprit is the State of Wisconsin, which took the money from the Federal Government under the coal program and, like many others, did not spend it as mandated by the law. The Wall Street Journal stated in today's paper that Wisconsin took $10 million of this Federal money last year and spent it on the basketball court for the University of Wisconsin. It is completely outrageous. $10 million of Federal money, handed out for a specific environmental purpose, and diverted for use at a "not-for-profit" university - and spent there for non-educational purposes to boot. $10 million have could send 75 kids through four years of college no problem. What a waste. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The not-for-profit schools are on a massive handout program from state, local and federal governments. Between grants to study bacteria in bumble bee dung in Mongolia to $10 million basketball court improvements, one can only imagine the scale and scope of the ridiculous and useless subsidies and handouts to the not-for-profit school.

      The for-profit school get none of this. There are no such similar freebies or handouts. The critics of the for-profit education sector have it all wrong. Sure some schools are not up-to snuff, but that is the same for the not-for-profit schools too. The problem is the waste that goes on in the bloated not-for profit education sector. That is where to look.

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