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ITT Educational Services Inc. Message Board

  • dell4131 dell4131 Aug 5, 2012 4:21 PM Flag

    In 2010, ITT employed 1 recruiter

    for every 34 students... Hey, it could be worse...

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    • Don't be silly. You are just making this stuff up without any factual support. Even if you allegations were true, there is no way that you could ever know them to be such without some insider information.

      Regarding the drop out rate, I disagree with you comment. What student is going to drop out and then take out student loans quarter after quarter to just hand over the ESI without going to class or being enrolled in the school. What you posted makes no sense to me. Furthermore, ESI is audited by the government regarding how much it refunds student who drop out before a certain amount of time has elapsed in each quarter. Their are strict rules outlining what must be refunded. I completely disagree with the contents of your post.

    • Ox, you don't get it. The 70% employment rate is a total lie that is manufactured by the Career Services Dept. That's why we don't believe the hire rate.

      And the drop out rate is much higher than 50% because when many DO drop out, the director keeps them on the books to steal their money. Yes, it really DOES happen.

    • wp, you should be in the television news business. clearly you have developed a skill for taking something out of context and representing it as something else. Maybe a career in politics would be a good choice for you too. Why don't you post my full comment from which you extracted the excerpted statement. Anyone with a brain can look at my full comment and draw there own conclusions as to what was written and its meaning.

      You just keep on making yourself look silly and stupid to everyone here. Why don't you get with the program and attempt to post something intelligent and thoughtful.

    • Ox you would have been well ahead if you would have taken your own advice on this POS stock and I quote:

      "Take your savings and put it in a safe deposit box."

    • wp, you are free to believe or not believe whatever you like. Given that the number appears in the company's press releases SEC Filings and ESI management is subject to Sarbanes Oxley legislation, I strongly doubt that there is any misstatement in the number. Does that means that in the 70% employment rate that all the jobs are great jobs. Of course not. But it also does not mean that all the ESI graduates are flipping hamburgers at McDonalds, as a number of yoyo's have posted here. Will ESI provide you a list of every job each graduate has? Of course not. I know of no school that does this. And even if ESI then did give you the categorization of its graduates into the various types of jobs their graduates they got, you still wouldn't believe the numbers. You don't believe the 70% number, so why would you believe anything that the company publishes in its regulated financial statements? And if you don't believe in company's financial statements, then why invest, long or short, in any stock? Take your savings and put it in a safe deposit box.

    • Ox, your the last one that can talk about misinformation. You have no credibility on this board with your false information (if not straight out lies), bogus "analysis," and constant pumping. Enjoy your losses, you deserve them. The smart money has been with the bears.

    • dell, I assume that in "recruiter", you are referring to staff that find jobs (as opposed to marketing, ie find and recruit new students).

      70% of ESI graduates get jobs. You have a problem with that? What is the unemployment rate for kids getting out of college? Try 50% on for size.

      You have some wicked bug up your butt. Give it a rest with all your useless negative garbage. You may convince some novices or newbie's here, but anyone with half a brain knows better.

      In all fairness, I will give you credit for being negative on the ESI share price (but only for the period since mid July). I will also say that you were brutally wrong in early 2012 when shares rose 40% into the $70's. Your being correct on the ESI share price in July was not for any reason relating to how well ESI has done in per share profits, as earnings per share estimates are still well ahead of where they were at the start of 2012 and the company has generated $250 million in free cash flow since q3 2011 (the last 3 quarters).

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      • If you believe the accuracy of ITT's gainful employment report, you should not. Believe me. The recruiters, all 2,550,work in a boiler room environment. They are required to make 140 calls a day...remember the churn??? And, don't forget, 1 in 5 default on a student loan. Or, the 53% withdrawal rate from thier fine AA program.

      • I suggest you educate yourself OX for a change)and read the For Profit Higher Education: The Failure to Safeguard the Federal Investment and Ensure Student Success report. The Senate Help committee did a masterful job. So, you made the mistake of not selling @ $60... Seems like you've wasted four years on this pig... (I am obviously not selling my core ESI position. I have had it since 2008).

    • The business is a sham where "instructors" give grades in order to keep their jobs. I know this first hand. Can you say "diploma mill"?

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      • Ridiculous. Do you really think employers are so stupid that they would hire 70% of ESI graduates if degrees were being handed out without the work being done and students prepared?

        And you know what, if ESI is a diploma mill and students are graduating and 70% of them getting jobs in a market where employment opportunities stink, then god bless ESI.

        I really do not know why you bother posting junk like this on the board.

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