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  • lesspheus lesspheus Jan 31, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    Quick buck

    Yesterday bought 1000 for $16.20, sold it at $16.76 today for $560 profit.
    Yesterday bought 1000 for $16.10, sold it at $16.76 today for $660 profit.
    Yesterday bought 600 for $15.90, sold it at $16.81 today for $546 profit.

    5 trades total for $15 dollars in commissions nets me $1701 in a day on this stock. Sorry about being an a hole yesterday here. I had previously bought 2830 shares at $15.something and sold at $16.50 on Monday for about a two grand profit. Still have 30 Feb $17.50 puts sold yesterday for $1.75.

    Not big money, but easy money. I expect to do the same thing again. ESI is going back below $16 again, no doubt. There is too much hatred for this stock. The story is not going to turn around anytime soon.

    In all honesty, the educational value at "for profit" schools sucks. Many people end up way worse off for wasting the time and money spent. I have a couple of friends who went to such schools and now barely make enough to survive after paying for their huge loan expenses. They aren't happy about what they've done to themselves. The government is trying to curb the abuses. It is not a pretty picture for the industry. ESI may do great in the long run, but I see no near term catalysts. The only thing I see that may be good is a positive surprise on the next earnings report, but I honestly believe that a very strong negative surprise is far more likely. What makes anyone think that things are getting better already? They're not.

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    • If Stra,Dv,Cpla,Lope ,Linc or even Apol (next quarter ) have good quarters they will help this stock,if you buy a few thousand right here,i bet in 18 months you will make a killin. IMO

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      • Nice to see you here, supracmdrr. I already can't complain about my trading profits on this.

        I agree with you, long term, but ESI is still very hated now. On one of these trips lower I plan to pick up a thousands of keeper shares, but I do not believe that that time has come.

        If I am wrong about the timing on this, then the worst case for me isn't too bad. If ESI is at or above $17.50 at February opex and never looks back, then my net profit is just under 9 grand. Not too bad for playing on this one stock for a couple of weeks.

        But I believe that opportunity still awaits and I am going to make more money in the meantime.

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