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  • thedeathrace thedeathrace Feb 1, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    Community Colleges.... more misinformation from the short sellers.....

    During my due diligence I have read endless comments about how community colleges are a better alternative to other educational institutions. In some cases, I am sure that this is true. There are no doubt a number of community colleges that offer solid educational programs. However, the short sellers in the education space have been spreading many falsehoods regarding the merits of community colleges.

    Go do an internet search on "cutbacks in community colleges" and read the results. The colleges are cutting back their programs dramatically. They are reducing course offerings, firing teachers, and raising tuition prices at rates that far exceeds anything at any other educational institution. The number of students attending community colleges in many states have been falling at a rate GREATER than at other schools. The community colleges do not charge as much tuition to the student directly only because they burden local taxpayers hugely with the portion of the tuition that the student does not pay. This gravy train is ending. Taxpayers can not afford it and do not want to pay anymore. From a cost standpoint to overall society, community colleges are not nearly the cheap deal that the short sellers opine. Why should taxpayers pay a huge direct subsidy to a full grown, voting age person in such a situation? The federal student loan program is also a subsidy, but only to the extent of a reduced interest rate on a loan. The loan (and thus full tuition) must be paid off. If you don't pay it off, the government gets its money from you other ways. I could go on and on about this subject as I have put much thought to it in my analysis of the education marketplace. For sure, the spin being put out there by the short sellers re community colleges is a gross misrepresentation of the situation.

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    • check out ivy tech in Indiana... the demand is there for affordable education. " ..... It is unlikely that any credits earned at an ITT Technical Institute will be transferable to or accepted by any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute.

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      • dell, This is all you can respond with to my post? Not a comment on any of the points I make?

        And all you come up with is "demand is for affordable education". Of course, everyone wants "affordable" and "inexpensive" education. I want an affordable Mercedes Benz too. But as I said above, community colleges are "affordable" only by passing the real costs onto unsuspecting taxpayers. Sure is easy to advertise how "inexpensive" your education program is when you get the taxpayer to pick up the tab. Taxpayers are in revolt and community colleges are cutting back. These community colleges are no more affordable to society than any other education.

        I also loved this internet news that came out today..."ANDERSON, Ind. - Ivy Tech Community College is asking the Indiana Department of Revenue to divert tax refunds of students who owe the college money."

        And on the transfer of student credits, get real. I understand the implication you are trying to make. The implication is that because a class credit at an ITT school may not be accepted at another college, then the education must not be very good. This is hogwash. I will post separately on this subject.

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