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  • lesspheus lesspheus Feb 10, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

    People laughed at me, but...

    still nobody can give me a logical explanation why it was good to buy this at $18.50 and be holding it at $17.10. My simple contention is that it is preferable not to be holding something at a loss. If you buy now, you will be holding at a loss later. ESI is going down further. Wait and see if, you don't believe me. Or buy now and sell at a loss later when you can't stomach that ESI is going down.

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    • less, Don't you get it? The people that are buying the "spikes" are the short sellers who are covering their positions. The real longs then come in to buy on the subsequent dips. Not sure what is wrong with you in that you just don't get it. It is so obvious what is happening. So your argument that the person who buys on a spike will be holding a loss alter is in effect completely incorrect. You should say "the short who covered on the spike will not be recording a loss as small as they otherwise could have" is the correct statement. But even this logic has failed as every spike recently has been followed by even higher spikes. The short sellers that have covered on the spikes have saved themselves tons of money.

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      • You have quite the imagination. The spikes are driven by longs who think "now is the time", not by shorts. Longs need to buy to raise the price to force the shorts to get squeezed. Those were no short squeezes. The numbers will prove it at the next short report. The shorts did not self squeeze themselves. What a nonsense concept.

        You still never acknowledged that I caught you in a lie about you claiming a cost basis in ESI of under $12. Your are not believable.

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