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  • reinvestor_04 reinvestor_04 May 2, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    ESI short % of float?!

    So I noticed that yahoo says ESI's short % of float to be 91%, but on Morningstar says it is only 36%. Both websites say that there is 8.5 million shares short (as of 4-15-13). However, yahoo says that the float is 14.62 million and Morningstar says its 23.2 million. Can somebody tell me how these numbers can be so different? Which one is right?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    • I believe that the "float" is as little as 2 million shares or less. Holders of more than 5%, hold 95% of the stock. Holders of 10% or more, hold 70% of the stock.

      I look at holders of 5% or more, plus management as long term holders and insiders, so 95% of shares not part of the "float". It depends on your definition of float.

      Those short ESI should not be sleeping very well at night.

    • The actual share count is 23M. The Float is 14.6M so yahoo is correct. The shares short is 8.5M. You can also find the share count and float information on the company website under investor relations and SEC filings of the quarterly reports.

      You will notice how fast this moves up and down there is no support or resistance in this area. bids/asks are sometimes as much as 20 cents apart. The market maker wants to cover as much as he can within the past year and a half and probably for the next months or so. They will keep rattling the cage with moves and making you think the world is ending in this stock. Don't trust anything but your research. Don't fall for market maker or CNBC schemes. Trust only the facts. You probably shouldn't even be listening to what I say, good luck!

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