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  • miz2013zou miz2013zou May 22, 2013 10:23 PM Flag


    I short this stock @ $14
    My account was closed because I didn't have enough money to meet my margin. I had 72 hours to come up with the extra money and I acted childish and silly. It was my first short position and lost almost everything.

    Sorry Everybody

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    • Oh! I forgot that this was you. What is your deal. Are you some sort of Chinese financial terrorist? Did you go off your meds? Mommy make you mad? Did Daddy try to touch you there again?

    • mizz, you deserve to lose all your money. you posted garbage on this message board about ESI and trash talked the company without any reasonable basis. As such, you attempted to destroy value in my long position and those of other investors. Your objectives were to cause me financial harm. If your posts had been fair and objective, I would have a different opinion towards your loss. I completely respect an honest opinion based on sound analysis that may differ from mine. I am open and accept that type of exchange. But in your case, your posts were pathetic, misleading and manipulative. I attempted to set you straight, but you would not listen to reason. You attempt to make me lose money was met with your own demise and I could not be happier for your loss. This may sound harsh to some, but I see no need for sympathy in this case.

    • miz,

      Do not apologize for anything.

      You paid some tuition. What you learned was way more valuable than what you lost.

      What if you saved and invested to accumulate $100,000, and you shorted a stock and lost it all? You will never make that mistake now. Mistakes are most valuable when you do them earlier than later.

      You are early in the game, if you want to continue. Invest first, speculate 2nd with 10% of your money. Never short, just buy put options.

    • This was the only good advice you will ever get from your broker as the saying goes...

      "The only good advice I got from my broker was a margin call."

    • I'm sorry to hear that. Why did you say a few hours before this post that you made $3,200 on this stock? You confuse me.

      In any case, good luck in the future to you.

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