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  • supracmdrr supracmdrr Jun 4, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    @ Less

    IMO be careful here.when this stock reverses up again it will rip your face off,it might be later in the month but you won't know what hit you,those shorts will cover slowly but surely they don't want to lose there profits,Good Luck,I'm still Long I have time to wait.

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    • I am puzzled what you think I need to be careful about. I told you that I do not short this stock. And since I don't short this stock, I will not sell naked calls on it either. I play the long side of the stock (when I feel that the trade is right) and I play with various options on it. The very, very worst that could happen to me if ESI ripped higher and I happened to own some puts at the time is that I could lose the premiums on those puts.

      I've told you before that I do not short this stock, so why do you think I have something to be careful about?

      I have a six figure booked profit from my trades in ESI so far. Well, it won't get to seven figures, but I can make it a larger six figure profit. So, even if I miss an opportunity to grow it more, I've done well enough in my book with this stock already.

      There are always opportunities in the stock market. Things move every day. We just need to find out which ones to play.

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