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  • finchboy99 finchboy99 Jun 29, 2006 10:52 AM Flag

    comments on rampant board bashers

    What the devil is 'fating over farting'? Looks like the oddballs have definitely come back to bashertain us with their lunacy.

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    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Jul 30, 2006 6:00 PM Flag

      >>I'd turn them off for a moment and try the apostrophe trick. Can't hurt, unless you get struck by lightning in the meantime.<<

      I tried the apostrophe trick again, both with Java on and with Java off, just in case it snuck back into the workaround tricks and just in case Java made a difference (like it does when I try to copy something). Nyet.

      [ >>LOL I think yours is definitely a configuration problem.<<

      Touch� ]

      How I wish it were only a configuration problem! And very possibly it was, before Y bombed your old view, because remember when I try to copy from a Y finance page with Java turned on, my cursor just bounces off my selection and nothing can be copied. With Java off, I can copy anything on those same pages.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Jul 21, 2006 9:03 AM Flag

      >>Yes, and launches me into the old style message list that works properly. I think yours is definitely a configuration problems. You might try Safari>Preferences>Appearance>Default Encoding. Mine is set to Western (ISO Latin 1).<<

      That is what mine is set to, too. But it was a good suggestion, being as your apostrophe can do things mine can't. I cannot fathom why Yahoo! would do something beneficial for you when you add punctuation to a ticker symbol. You must lead a charmed existence. How in the world did you discover that serendipity?? Did you accidentally strike the apostrophe key after the AKAM ticker one day?

      >>Probably because you, or some program you run, changes something that your system or Safari is monitoring.<<

      That's very possible, given that my computer is running two programs that allow me to change the keyboard shortcuts, a program that gets rid of the garish colored labels and have tinted folders instead. But I also have the Online Bible, which should protect my computer. (Do I need to add a winking smiley to that?)

      >>More weirdness. I opened a post in beta view to check and saw a 2 star rating (+unrated). So I opened my settings to verify I have 1 star (+unrated) set as the default. I do. Then when it returned to the post's beta view, it indicated 1 star (+unrated). I think perhaps Yahoo is conscious, watching our every move, and trying to trick us! :-)<<

      LOL I think yours is definitely a configuration problem.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Jul 20, 2006 8:29 PM Flag

      >>Well here's my post from clicking on your link, 101, for what it's worth.<<

      I just wanted you to see what you _could_ be seeing if you weren't allergic to the address bar.

      >>You just wouldn't be Pantone if you let go of a tigers tail that you got hold of, now would you ?? !!<<

      To me, life would be boring if there were no challenges � no aims seemingly too high to reach, no enigmas to decode.

      >>I on the other foot, painted the roof water leak stains on the kitchen and living room ceiling with flat white spray paint, and now they disappear nicely. Mom and Pop will be happier.<<

      I'm sure they will be! They're lucky they have you to do it for them.

      I was trying to find an ivory tinted paint. What I got was white white. When I took the can back to ask for more, I asked the paint mixer if adding a drop or more of yellow to the white would give me the ivory I wanted. He hesitated, then looked at the can's label and discovered the mixer of that paint had used the wrong base! Fortunately, that paint was for the first coat. I got my second coat free. :-)

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Jul 20, 2006 4:54 PM Flag

      >>That makes the new style more useable, but you still can't see the sequence of posts, e.g, if five people post sequentially on the same topic you see only the last post and the last poster's handle. You have to go into the topic and traverse the internal list to see all of the posts.<<

      Plus, I just learned that list isn't all I'd thought it was :-( so I retract my claim(s) for it. It OMITS some posts. One of your posts in the old style list does not show up in that other view of what I'd thought was the last twenty posts. You can see that by looking at the _times_ of the posts. Yahoo! is the ultimate vacuum cleaner (think vernacularly).

      >>Try this, go to the new style message board for any stock. In the upper right corner in the box labeled 'get message board for' enter any stock symbol followed by an apostrophe, e.g. AKAM' You should get the old style message board.<<

      I just tried that and get <'IMMC'' is not a valid ticker symbol>. Tried it with AKAM plus the apostrophe (AKAM') and get the same rejection notice. Yahoo! accepts your ticker-plus-apostrophe?! When I tried again without the apostrophe, I got IMMC alright, but, when I clicked on a post, the post opened in its beta version. They're discussing my alias over there and I had never mentioned a word there about Yahoo!'s befuddling benevolence. LOL

      >>Somehow my Yahoo is set up differently than yours, e.g. I have 'daywatch' you don't. There in lies the rub.<<

      There in lies the rub SOMEtimes. Today I have 'DayWatch' in all its red unglory. Clicking on 'Messages' gets me, as it does via clicking on 'Messages' in my unique 'Columnar' and in 'Basic', in 'Fundamentals', and in 'Performance', to the old style message board, BUT the posts still open in beta view.

      This Columnar-DayWatch switch has been occurring for months. Does that mean that sometimes my computer is ignoring some ghost in its pipes and sometimes it isn't?

      >>Yes, I have my settings on '1 star and unrated' but get '2 stars and unrated' all the time . . . so we're screwed up equally there.<<

      Ah, no! In this factor God likes ME best! My star rating will be 2 in some views and 1 in others. I should pay attention and write down what the rating says where.

      At the moment, when I have a post open in beta view and am looking at it in its 'topic' context (because it allows me no choice in that regard), my star rating is 1. And, when in the old style list I click on 'Full Message Board for AKAM' and that list opens, my star rating is 2. But you still get a star rating of 2 when you have a post open in its beta view? Or do you never open posts in beta view because you can see them normally?

      PE, if you can get through this cross-examinination with your sanity intact, you're a better man than most I've grilled.

    • >>Well now this is weird. On my computer that link takes you to the new style, by topic, message list.<<

      Yes, the page lists the topics on the lefthand side, but it's a dual-use page. Similarly to the old-style list, the POSTS are the latest twenty in sequential order. If a poster has changed the title of his/her post, you cannot see the post's new title, BUT on the righthand side they are arranged by the time, most recent post first. And UNlike the old-style Yahoo! list, you can EASILY get to the next twenty by clicking on 'Next>'.

      Which boils down to: (1) Whether you come online early or late in the day, you can still see ALL the posts sequentially irrespective of their confining topics. And, (2) if you are searching for an old post, you can do it by trekking backward as well as via other ways.

      >>Sure, here's the link to this very post (well, the one to which I'm replying):


      Thanks much, PE. I'm going to study this later and see if I can experiment with it. Your URL is EXACTLY the same as mine EXCEPT for the word "finance" in place of "post," as you can see by comparing:

      But, strangely, whether I click on your link or copy and paste it into the address bar, the link brings me to the new, beta version of your post, not the classic view you are seeing.

      >>If you can't change your 'view setting' to 'msg-lst' I don't think you'll be able to get to where I am.<<

      That's not a problem. That change did hold. My only fickle setting is "Minimum rating," which in some views is at "1 star and unrated" as I set it and, in other view(s), is "2 stars and unrated." Have you paid attention to that little rating thing in every single view that has it, to make sure it actually does remain consistent?

    • Well here's my post from clicking on your link, 101, for what it's worth.

      You just wouldn't be Pantone if you let go of a tigers tail that you got hold of, now would you ?? !!

      Like Carlos Castenada, you will wrestle with the new yahoo format and learn its powers.

      I on the other foot, painted the roof water leak stains on the kitchen and living room ceiling with flat white spray paint, and now they disappear nicely. Mom and Pop will be happier.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Jul 18, 2006 9:06 PM Flag

      >>No, I could never see more than 20 posts when accessing the message list through 'messages' in 'daywatch.' At the bottom of the 20 messages there is a link for 'full messgage board.' That still goes to the new format.<<

      Last night I did a lot of exploring and experimenting. In fact, I was still experimenting when civilized people were just waking up. Somewhere along the line, I came back upon the URL I'd posted near the beginning of falling down this rabbit hole. I just posted its link, with details, at 8:14 pm. Its plus factor is that you can click to see the next 20 sequential posts. If you don't see that post before it disappears, you can find it fastest via this link.

      >>At first mine did that too. Then I changed my 'view settings' to 'msg lst.' from 'threaded.' I think that's what did it. <<

      Mine is set to 'msg lst' as well. I changed it as soon as you told me you thought it helped.

      >>That's what I had to do too, until my diddling with the settings put me back to the original. At least I think that's what got me back to original. I was trying many things, but I'm pretty sure the settings are what did it.<<

      I'm wondering if something you did caused you to happen upon some of Yahoo!'s older code. I have read in a number of boards, and NO one, ZERO poster, has mentioned seeing his/her page in the old format. The complaints include not being able to see the message numbers and not being able to see who replies to whom.

      PE, will you please do this for me? When you are reading one of your posts in which you are seeing almost everything looking normal, like it used to, and you have accessed that post via your customary path, will you please copy your URL into your reply to me so I can examine it? If even one alphanumeric character is different, it could hold a clue. It would be great to find you diddled more serendipitously than you think you diddled!

      >>Maybe, but the fact that mine was behaving like yours now behaves makes me think otherwise.<<

      And the fact that your interface behaves unlike everyone else's makes me think you did something you don't realize you did . . . or diddled something you don't realize you diddled. :-)

      >>I have not been able to fix the 20 post limit. However, the message numbers work, so I can and do fish backwards for the last message I remember then work my way forward. Nothing is perfect.<<

      Maybe the link I posted will help. I hope. You could still use the old-style one but save this one for searching beyond twenty posts.

      Oh, P.S. I've forgotten whether you said you are replying to posts from within the old message reply box or the new. I'm replying to your post within the old reply box, and the URL is:

    • Debt?? How do you think they were able to put over 20000 servrs in over 70 countries in operation? You are kidding us right?
      PS: Did you happen to notice the $$$$ that AKAM has on hand to pay off that debt, and still have some $$$ left? Your DD should have shown that Akam has made an increasing profit for a long series of qtr over qtr.
      In short,

      NO PROBLEM AT AKAMAI-- buy until you're content,

      Your advisor


    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Jul 17, 2006 5:01 PM Flag

      >>Weird. This is mine:
      View: Summary | Real-Time ECN | Basic | DayWatch | Performance | My Real-time Market | my basic [New View]

      The last two I created with [New View].<<

      Once upon a time, I had 'DayWatch' and 'Performance'. Then 'DayWatch' began alternating with my (currently) 'Columnar'. I never knew which designation to expect.

      >>Maybe it's in the http. Try:

      My browser returns the daywatch view. If it does for you, you can click on 'messages' and get the old style message list.<<

      Using your link, I get 'Columnar' as the view, and that's the designation that replaced my original 'DayWatch', so I'm assuming everything is the same save the view's title/designation.

      When I click on 'messages', I get not the old style message list but the beta one. It LOOKS like the old style one, BUT . . .

      1. I can see only twenty posts, not the full list. Can you see more than twenty?

      2. When I click on a message, I don't see it in its old format but in its beta, which has NO post numbers, either in the list or anywhere within the posts themselves, and the posts do not identify to whom the poster is replying.

      3. I cannot read from post to post in that list unless I read a post, go back to the list, click on the next one and read it, go back to the list, rinse, repeat . . . . I.e., when I read a post via that list, pressing 'Next' will not bring me to the next post in the list's sequence but to the next post in the TOPIC's sequence.

      In your version of the list, you can see the posts' numbers and can see to whom the posts reply. I am totally dumbfounded as to how you are able to see all this. (My mother would say "You can stop at dumb.") Maybe your OS 10.4 has something programmed into it that plays nicer with Yahoo! than my OS10.3 does.

      >>Yes, I'm virtually normal save for the message-list link.<<

      By that, do you mean your route to accessing it or something else?

      I'm having zero problem going from post to post sequentially outside of Yahoo!'s stupidly constricting 'topics', zero problem seeing the post numbers, and zero problem seeing to whom the posts have replied, but all that is because I'm using my quirky 'cool link' method. I'm relatively happy with that.

      I will be deliriously happy when I can see the old FULL list, not just the latest 20 posts, and when I'll be able to click on a 'Next' button instead of changing the last digit in my address bar.

      But at least my 'cool link' lets me see the posts formatted normally and lets me traverse them in numeric sequence. Without this haven, I'd now be in a padded cell.

    • I checked Yahoo finance. Akam seems to have a big debt. We all know that in this high interest enviroment the borrowing cost will increase. Does this have any impact on akam? I am thinking about buying some shares on weakness. But this makes me hesitant. Can anyone shed some light on this

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