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  • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 17, 2007 8:37 AM Flag

    The greening of the feline world

    Happy St. Pat's Day, everyone!


    For the 1280 x 1024 size:


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    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 26, 2007 4:33 PM Flag

      >>It's frustrating. I just tried to rec yes's Akamai article and got the maintenance crap so said t'hell with it. I copy all my posts before posting now.<<

      Copying your posts is your only defense. I hope you haven't lost any more posts.

      The back button works with the recs, too; I ran into 'maintenance' numerous times yesterday when trying to rec posts on the YHOO board, which I've been reading again in hopes of learning what's going on with these lying 'maintenance' messages. Right now they're too excited about Panama to see that Yahoo is on life support.

      Then today when I tried to rec a post, after getting past the maintenance message, I thought I'd recced it, but the rec didn't show up. Several minutes later it did show up, but I don't know whether that was my rec or another poster's.

    • You should post your recommendations on great site for your reviews.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 26, 2007 12:04 PM Flag

      >>True, the fault usually shows up as two identical trees, or signs, or whatevers side by side, and unless you are looking for it you don't notice . . . still I know it's there.<<

      I know the feeling, exactly. When I sewed my own clothes, if some pucker or whatever gave me a problem I couldn't correct, even though the dress looked flawless to the casual observer, I knew that pucker was there. Your photo software, or Canvas, should allow you to slice off the twin tree, but then your panorama would be narrowed a bit. It's a tradeoff. Or have fun the other way, duplicate the trees and tell people you discovered a forest by the bayou. :-) But then people who objected to National Geographic's telescoping the distance between two pyramids will object.

      >>Yahoo obviously has a serious problem and I doubt it's external (like a DOS attack) or they would say so.<<

      Earlier I thought Yahoo was making progress, because my first posts this morning ran into little resistance, but the multiple 'scheduled maintenance' messages are back now. This is halfway through the fourth day. Most of the URLs I posted at the IMMC board were fine.

      I let APS's Alliance Power Tools test my Quadra's hardware last night. The tests took HOURS. The major problem seems to be: "The Hardware Exercise test reported 16 sense code conditions and concluded that the device has problems reading the media." So I am going to buy the Disk Warrior you recommended.

      Just now the back button brought me back to your post, bypassing the reply window . . . and now a SECOND time! You may not get this . . .

      Third 'scheduled maintenance' message, but this one brought me back to the reply box. I'm just going to push the post button, to heck with the preview.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 26, 2007 7:34 AM Flag

      >>It's pretty much a continuous process . . . I don't remember whether there is a 'pause' or a 'stop' button on the burn window but If you mean can you stop burning, take the DVD out, and come back later to burn some more, the answer is no.<<

      Yes, the burn more later option was what I meant. That can be done with CDs, but the one time I tried it, I didn't like the way it formatted. I wondered whether DVDs would format more elegantly.

      >>Most zooms are a lens that sticks out in front of the camera and physically move in and out to change the magnification. This camera has nothing sticking out from it.<<

      That's slick. The camera must be lighter, too, without that extra hardware.

      >>I have a tripod, and that's the problem. The camera fits in my pocket, the tripod would need a backpack.<<

      And probably most people would never notice where you seam the photos together, so why turn pleasure into a hassle.

      >>I don't know but I'm still getting maintenance warnings now, three days after they started. That's some major maintenance.<<

      Yes, three days seems a longer time than would be needed to fix a glitch. A similar "scheduled maintenance" message also appears when I try to rec a post. I've been wondering whether Yahoo has had that message in its collection for a long time or concocted it specifically to pacify posters during this breakdown. I'm also wondering whether the programmers took the weekend off or stayed to try to fix it. Yahoo has left its bad crumbs run rampant for years.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 25, 2007 4:14 PM Flag

      >>I do when burning a DVD, but mainly because the process is so slow I don't want to slow it further. I don't think anything bad will happen if you do other things but it probably will slow down a bit.<<

      Thanks. And thanks for the reminder that my Mac Mini will burn DVDs. They hold so much more than CDs. Can you burn part of a DVD at a time or is one burn the only chance you get?

      >>They're very nice, if a bit hard to get to stitch together perfectly . . . you really need a tripod to get it right every time. The zoom is incredible though and all done internally somehow.<<

      What do you mean by done internally? I've read that digital cameras have both optical and digital zoom, but I don't know much more than that about the zooms.

      I've never shopped for a tripod, and I don't know whether a tripod is something you'd want to bother lugging, but this place caught my eye because the blurb says they are 'The Tripod Innovators'. Down the page a ways it says "New modes have many new unique features." And further down they say they offer "high stability with very low weight."


      >>I tend to think it might be the latter. The thing's coming apart and they're having a hard time patching it up.<<

      If a permanent crash is what it takes to get back our old simple, reliable, informative boards (who is posting to whom, easily visible post number without incorporating X posts backward or forward from the starting post, date and time without the inane 'minutes ago', and ability to quickly get back to any full page of posts), then I fervently hope you're right. We geese can easily survive a crash by moving to InvestorsVillage. But Yahoo can't survive without its geese.

      Does this mess seem more like Yahoo is reeling toward a major crash than what preceded the two-day crash some months ago?

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 25, 2007 10:29 AM Flag

      >>Size was a problem before memory got cheap, and number of folders, items etc. a problem before the spotlight search but with terabyte drives, gigabyte RAM and good search apps you let the computer find things and do all the organizing work. Those old extensions were unsupportable, too many conflicts left up to the user to resolve. Jobs was right to dump that system.<<

      I do appreciate the true multitasking, being able to have two or more functions going on at the same time. Which reminds me, when recording a CD, should one keep hands off other actions? And the slideshow is a real pleasure. When one reason or another takes me to my desktop, I'm in a different country or under palm trees or right up in a tree with its branches sprouting beautiful pink spring blossoms (time and again I tried to root those branches when I was a grade-schooler).

      >>Maybe a little bit, but mostly they are trying to force the future onto everyone. People are reluctant to change, sometimes they need to be goosed.<<

      That's me. Honk! :-)

      >>Ships by: Mar 26 - Mar 27

      Delivers by: Mar 28 - Apr 2<<

      Five to eight days from now. Your wait is a lot shorter than what the AppleTV buyers had to endure.

      >>No monitor . . . the whole idea is to get movies, photos, etc. to the TV, so I ordered the 'DVI to composite TV' connector. Also Bluetooth keyboard and Mighty Mouse so one can blow up the text if it's too hard to read on the TV. If that doesn't work too well, I'll get an 1080p HDTV (which is about the same reolution as a monitor).<<

      It blows my mind to think of a TV image being that sharp. How are you doing with your panorama photos?

      >>Yeah, I'm getting them about every other post.

      Just got another one and this time the backspace trick didn't work. Fortunately I did copy the post first. <<

      Good. That saves much frustration. Just think, Yahoo could regain the loyalty of thousands of users if they'd go back to their MB system that worked instead of imploded.

      >>I wonder if they're doing this to slow down posting.<<

      If they are, they're shooting themselves in the foot because the complaints are rising. One YHOO board poster wrote "This is worse than YHOO Beta," which not only condemns Yahoo's present management, it brings back to everyone's mind Yahoo's initial fiasco. Who wants to buy the stock of a company so crappy its users can't stand it? Who was that famous investor who preached 'Buy the stock of companies whose products you like and use'?

      You know what has crossed my mind? This "scheduled maintenance" could be a harbinger of yet another beta 'improvement' or the harbinger of the Yahoo boards crashing altogether�.�.�.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 25, 2007 9:13 AM Flag

      >>I remember fiddling with all that extensions flapdoodle. I'm very glad Apple has moved beyond that system.<<

      I'm not so sure I'm that glad. :-) My Classic extensions folder has 123 extensions excluding my Hals (the little things that correct my typing transpositions and provide shorthand shortcuts for long or nuisance words I type regularly�.�.�. such as 'Yahoo'). My OS X extensions folders has two documents and 48 folders, most of which contain more folders that contain more folders that contain more folders that eventually contain one single solitary sole item. My Classic System folder weighs 271.2 MB. My OS X System folder weighs 794.8 MB, its Library weighs an additional 257.8 MB, and its Users folder's Library weighs yet another 313.3 MB. Somewhere yesterday I came across my hard drive's number of folders. It was appalling, more than 16,000 folders if my memory is working.

      Apple has either a sense of humor or a sense of history. When Classic starts up, you can have just the progress bar or the whole window open. Before displaying the contemporary Mac smiling face (the composite of two faces blended into one), the open window first displays the tiny smiling Mac that the antique startups used to show. It's amusing.

      >>More likely, because many if not most 480i TVs don't have component input (which is even different from composite input which most TVs don't have either), they're just saving themselves the headache of teaching everyone whether it will work on their TV.<<

      Shirkers. And misleading.

      >>It says it keeps track of the use of the memory use of each application, which, so far as I know MenuMeters doesn't do. That could be useful information if you have limited memory.<<

      So far I don't have much of a memory problem. I usually have multiple programs open, including Photoshop, which can be memory intensive in some operations.

      When is your Mac Mini scheduled to arrive? Did you order a monitor, too, or are you going to use your TV or iMac for a monitor?

      So far I've gotten three(!) "scheduled maintenance" messages (make that four now) � one immediately after signing in, before Yahoo even brought me to the posting window. Plus, following upon that first message, Yahoo wanted my password again. I just closed that window and clicked on your post again to proceed. What a royal pain Yahoo is!!

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 24, 2007 5:36 PM Flag

      >>Well good luck . . . I don't know if the compression program you were using is the same as the Disk Doubler, but it's worth a try.<<

      I thought for sure the Disk Doubler decompressor would work because your link's author specified that DD's compression algorithm was LZW.� Photoshop even has an option, after all these years, to save files as LZW, so I assumed it was a common compression algorithm. Mais nay, it wasn't common enough for More Disk Space.

      But the story has a happy unfolding. I was so disappointed when DD's decompressor wouldn't work that I tried again with Altsys's extension for MDS files. Do you remember my laptop's Classic refused to boot with that extension installed? Well, I remembered that sometimes an extension conflict could be solved by reordering the their startup sequence. So I tried prefacing Disk Expander with the letter 'z', making it 'zDisk Expander', so it would be the last extension to load. That did not work. Then I tried prefacing it with two spaces (because one space precedes the 'EM' extension), to make DE the first to load. That didn't work, either.

      Interestingly, at one point during a reboot, I was able to look at the Extension list in Classic's boot window and my Disk Expander was blacked out, identifying it as the Great Offender.

      Well, one more attempt . . . I prefaced Disk Expander with the letter 'a', which made it the second extension in the startup sequence, and�.�.�. that WORKED! So I spent the next few hours decompressing files directly in my laptop, no trekking to and fro my Quadra.

      Those Altsys-compressed files are unique, I think. Even with the extension working, the files remain almost the same 'weight'; they gain only two or three Ks to give a hint something is affecting them. But when I open and resave them in their respective programs, they need NutriSystem! They gain back fully all that More Disk Space had squeezed out of them. Altsys should update MDS and remarket it. It's an amazing compressor!

      >>It [Disk Warrior] works well as long as the electronics and mechanics of your hard drive aren't fried.<<

      APS Tools (drive formatter et al.) can test hardware. I'll have to run that.

      >>By-the-bye I got all the info on the AppleTV I need . . . it will work with a regular TV as long as you have component input (which I have):
      http://www. 21-30

      How cheap of Apple to disinclude the cables!

      <This is a pretty damned big deal, and I haven't seen it reported anywhere.>

      Neither did we. :-)

      Apple's not mentioning the 480i option�.�.�. was that to generate a run on HDTVs?

      You don't have thousands of music files, but you'd still like to navigate smoothly what you do have. And the AppleTV can't play music not bought at the iTunes Store. That's a bad minus.

      And the reviewer already found the 40GB hard drive inadequate.

      That's a very detailed and well-illustrated appraisal/review. The site is worth bookmarking. While you were there, did you go to the home page and see the audio software and other links? At the bottom of the Freebies page is a MenuExtra called MemoryCell. Does it do anything MenuMeters doesn't?


      >>Even so, I decided that for an extra $800 the top end Mac Mini was a good buy (all the AppleTV ability plus a computer about the same power as my iMac). So I ordered the Mac Mini 1.83GHz Intel core jobby.<<

      That's what I've been waiting to hear! The AppleTV has seemed so limiting and the Mac Mini does so much. And now you'll be on the cutting edge computer techwise along with being able to do so much more with your TV. Happy unbirthday, PE!

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 23, 2007 4:38 PM Flag

      >>It was called 'Disk Doubler' and here's how you fix files compressed by that old timey utility:

      I remember 'Disk Doubler'. I almost certainly have some DD files on my Quadra. So that's the one you used to increase your disk space back then? I think I always thought it was for commercial software compression and not for noncommercial.

      PE, if that decompressor works on my MDS files I will dub you Miracle Worker. You'll have cut my decompressing time by more than half because I won't need to access my Quadra and go back and forth between computers with the floppies, which number in the hundreds.

      >>Ooh yeah, don't do that. Try to fix it and get Disk Warrior if you have to.<<

      LOL Rest assured, I won't do that. And fortunately for when I'm booting up my Quadra with my eyes closed, the disk error message's default button forestall's my reinitializing my hard drive.

      I'd forgotten about Disk Warrior, too. Posters on the Apple board were very happy with its repair ability. Thank you so much for that suggestion, too. I will download them both later. If I can't pay for Disk Warrior online, I'll order it from a software vendor. Stay tuned! :-)

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Mar 23, 2007 10:25 AM Flag

      >>Could be, that was a long time ago. I remember it worked pretty well, except when things changed (like an upgrade), then everything was compressed and inaccessible.<<

      I don't remember that. Upgrading must've been a nightmare for you. It was too long ago to trust my memory. It took finding the 'Illegal beta' disk for me to remember that I'd used it at all. I forgot, also, to tell you what's been hindering my restoring these files on my Quadra. One of the partitions has disappeared, and that partition is the one that had most of my programs! When I turn on the Quadra, I get some sort of a disk error message that asks me if I'd like to initialize the disk . . . which would destroy all its data on all the partitions. Can you imagine how this assignment would've turned out if I hadn't partitioned my drive?!

      The files' icons show that one of the programs was Canvas. That application was better at tracing than was Adobe's Streamline, which was created specifically for tracing and nothing else.

      >>Yes, until AOL flooded the world with free disks.<<

      LOL I'd forgotten _that_ revolution. Thanks be to AOL!

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