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  • pecuniary_emulator pecuniary_emulator Mar 23, 2011 3:17 PM Flag

    Now we know why!

    >>How do you counter "critics of the soup theory point out that there is no sustained driving force to make anything react; and without an energy source, life as we know it can't exist."<<

    Sun, lightning, volcanoes.

    >> . . . why haven't volcanoes since primordial days spurted out brand new, without parents, living beings . . . <<

    How do you know it hasn't? Maybe the new life just gets eaten by the life that's already here.

    >>And CHU is continuing to power ahead. . . .<<

    Yes it's back to where I sold it . . . so obviously it powers behind occasionally too.

    >> . . . I put in a bid for AKAM at $36.50 . . .<<

    Too bad you didn't get it. I think that's a good price whatever the short term price might get to. AKAM seems to be forming a strong bottom.

50.76+1.62(+3.30%)Feb 12 3:59 PMEST