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  • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Aug 8, 2011 3:28 PM Flag

    Who ya gonna believe?

    <Meanwhile, S&P also revised Berkshire Hathaway's rating outlook to "negative" from "stable."

    Incidentally, this comes after Warren Buffett said S&P's downgrade of the U.S. "doesn't make sense" . . . .>

    Here is the legendary investor's 6-month chart:


    So . . . do you believe S&P . . . or do you believe the 'Oracle of Omaha'?

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    • >>So . . . do you believe S&P . . . or do you believe the 'Oracle of Omaha'?<<

      Buffett ought to be ecstatic. He said he prays to see the value of his stocks cut in half so he can buy more. He's halfway there.

    • "Who ya gonna believe?"

      Practically anyone but you!

      I mean that sincerely. Youa re another low life, blood sucking, link providing, leach on society!

      You are the same useless, lonk posting, essay writing blood suscker you were 5 years ago!


    • >>Did you notice when the market was down the past couple of days LLNW was up and AKAM down, and today while the market is up AKAM is up along with it and LLNW is down?<<

      I noticed it's up $.02 today which is almost 1%.

    • >>So the SEC has no real reason to investigate S&P?!<<

      Anyone who looks at the US spending vs. revenues knows it's debt is not AAA and shouldn't have been for quite awhile.

      >>. . . A confidential cable, written by former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the U.S. Embassy in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa in October 2008, and subsequently leaked by WikiLeaks, details the "possible unauthorized diversion, misuse or failure to secure" weapons supplied to Honduras by the U.S. . . .><<

      Been happening for awhile eh? There's a lot to unravel.

    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Aug 22, 2011 3:46 AM Flag

      >>I doubt much of the public is aware of anything but the Terry murder if that. I hope this thing doesn't fade away.<<

      Ulsterman, WHI's 'front man', is keeping the hope bright and burning. No mention of WHI in this, but who knows who Ulsterman's sources are? This one's worth reading for the last sentence.


    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Sep 21, 2011 1:59 PM Flag

      >>Real and digital clouds eh? Interesting bit there, SoftBank has a cloud. Seems like everybody has a cloud except Akamai.<<

      Can you blame, in any way, Japan's All Nippon Airways for utilizing Japan's SoftBank?

      For the record, I believe AKAM is now back in an uptrend.

      But did you see ANR?! Who what where when why??

    • >>Speaking of which, The Censor Nonpareil deleted your second reply to this post:<<

      Maybe it's that post itself (i.e. deleting all replies . . . uh no, just checked and this post is a reply to that post).

      Well I said HC said he wouldn't have any of those people in his cabinet and that caused the ruckus to which he apologized (I'm sure just to keep it from blowing up bigger). Given that, his apology doesn't bother me.

    • >>No, I mean any government. That's what governments do, interfere in the lives of their citizens, the only variable is how much.<<

      I have NEVER experienced so much government interference as under this regime. (I just want to make sure of something. I know you know that, in 'Netspeak, underscores indicate italics. Do you also know that when I use all uppercase in a sentence I do not intend it as shouting but as bold text? If the uppercase bothers your eyes, I can switch to asterisks before and aft the bold word or phrase.)

      >>No change. There are big things (like the tenth amendment) and little things like tax free zones in inner cities. I'm not foolish enough to think the government can ever be made to cease interfering completely but would hope to hold the line on the big things and not become manic over the little (not very expensive or disrupting) things.<<

      Okay. You had my head spinning because you seem (present tense) to have departed from your concern about constitutional government and your desire that the Federal government shrink and return to the individual states their constitutionally endowed rights. The Federal government has even stolen land from the states along with everything else it has usurped.

      >>I don't know how his inner city empowerment works but if it's just federal tax breaks, that doesn't interfere with a cities control (unless they desire to keep the area blighted).<<

      PE, does it make sense to defend something you know nothing about? Have you forgotten already that the disaster we're suffering today was engendered by voters' assumptions and failure to investigate in 2008? Remember that it was UNinformed voters who believed Obama's sugary oratory about unicorns and rainbows?

      >>Why do you assume that what Cain proposes is unconstitutional? If I know Cain, it isn't.<<

      I assume nothing of the kind. I _know_ that interfering in city government is unconstitutional. For evidence: Has Perry proposed anything like it? Has Perry proposed ANY move WHATSOEVER that encroaches into state or local government?

      >>>>Did you know he was for TARP at the time? . . .<<

      No but so were a lot of people who supported it (or had no opinion on it) and subsequently changed their minds. We were told it was the end of the economy if we didn't do it. I was skeptical from the beginning but then I'm always skeptical.<<

      But Cain did not change his mind. To this day, Cain is in favor of TARP.

      Earlier this afternoon I had to do something away from my computer so turned on the radio to fend off boredom. As coincidence would have it, Rush was on, in the midst of talking heatedly about the country's financial crisis. He was almost exploding about (1) what Clinton did to the banks via Freddie Mac and Fannie May and (2) how the banks tried to stay alive by devising other ways to still profit (e.g. derivatives et al) and (3) how Bush tried to stop it but whatshisname (Dodd?) shouted him down and, (4) most enraging, that the TARP loans were Treasury's BOOTY by means of FORCING nine big banks to take them . . . locking the bankers in a room and NOT LETTING THEM OUT until they capitulated.

      Now, remember that in May of this year Cain had "studied the situation."

      Keep going . . .

    • >> . . . look what I discovered! What a GORGEOUS background picture that will make! I am ecstatic over this find! . . .<<

      Must be the tiny URL I linked with to a map of Texas as a Republic. It's much bigger than the current state so obviously when Texas became a state they carved off pieces and gave them to other states (especially New Mexico).

      >>That's federal income tax, isn't it? Can you devise a scenario that does not involve the Federal government?<<

      Yes it is federal but not collecting income tax from some designated blight zone businesses at the federal level has no impact on state or local government's control over those businesses.

    • >> . . . And now the FBI is allegedly trying to obfuscate the evidence for the third:<<

      Trying to obfuscate period. Nothing else they can do.

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