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  • pecuniary_emulator pecuniary_emulator Oct 23, 2011 2:07 PM Flag

    VERY on topic - about Occupy Wall Street

    >> . . . And, the one who deleted my reply also said I should not use italics . . . which I had used ONLY for my quotes from the article and a reference article . . . and I should not use bold (which I had used sparingly to highlight the critical words). . . .<<

    That's strange . . . I use italics there to quote parts of the article. I thought that was the convention. They've gotten strict . . . I remember at one time you could post pictures right in your post but they killed that (probably had to because of the possibility of HTML hacking though other sites allow it).

    >>Did you read a while back that a Washington, DC, liberal PAID some Hispanics to protest at 'Occupy DC'?<<

    Saw that and of course most of those union guys aren't doing it for free or at least not at their own expense.

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