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  • pecuniary_emulator pecuniary_emulator Oct 23, 2011 2:44 PM Flag

    VERY on topic - about Occupy Wall Street

    >>My worry is that there's a connection between the current 'Days of Rage' and Bill Ayers's 'Days of Rage' in the early '70s, like Glenn Beck intimated. . . .<<

    There probably is.

    >>Didn't Arab Spring have substantial organizing via a certain Facebook site? And I think some of them got their training in a NYC organization. And then, in Egypt, surprise surprise! Along came the MusBros!<<

    Yes but the whole thing started with a suicide in Tunisia then rioting in Egypt and so on to other countries. At most it could have been loosely coordinated but even the grievances were different. If there was any coordinating it was probably done by MusBros.

    >><Digital activists in Egypt being trained by internet experts in New York><<

    But the activists were in Egypt seeking expertise where they could get it.

    >>To round out your 'education', be SURE to observe the title of the very last referenced article, under the subhead 'Related:'.<<

    The State Department instigated Arab Spring and are now bringing it to the US in the form of OWS? Well, I'll agree that youth organization is inappropriate and encouraging activism in foreign countries is wrong but I still think those rioters are rioting because of local politics not outside agitation. Maybe they're aided by us which we ought not be doing but frankly we aren't good enough to pull off that sort of thing.

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