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  • jeffsm99 jeffsm99 Dec 21, 2000 10:02 PM Flag


    Am long at average of 35. Why do you think this stock is going to contunue to go down. Please share any and all wisdom.

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    • and not dampen the longs hope to the point that
      they refuse to buy no matter how low it

      I'm taking some time off soon, I can only do this for
      1-2 months at a time before I need a

      Looking forward to the next wave of optimism before FED

    • Good work! You seem to have full understanding. Wow. Too bad others don't seem to understand. But if they did I would not be able to make a living at this.

    • PART 2- begins
      LANDIS type of fund managers are down big, more than 40%
      -- they felt immune to market pressures as long as
      they controlled the floats of their own stocks with
      the inflow of investor $$ to their funds. They should
      have seen this coming when the insiders started
      bailing and the dot-com world went kaput, but they
      didn't. They just bought more with JOE BLOW�S investor
      $$$�s just like the GEORGE SOROS� of the world. They
      also didn't feel there was that much risk.

      anymore, with the insider sellers, venture capital
      sellers, and finally, the redemption sellers -- the tech
      mutual funds have no choice but to sell stocks like
      AKAMAI because people are giving up on them. And who can
      blame them? It�s Payback time for the horrible
      performance, no more easy money for 24 year manager�s and
      analysts. Their minute of fame is over! People are now
      starting to feel downright poor.

      Can RYAN or KEVIN
      admit to the fact that their funds are having
      redemption problems? No, they can't admit it. That's like
      saying, "Hey, I am George Bailey, come on down to the S&L
      and take all of your money out." They have to say the
      inflows are robust. Second, these people have only
      bought, they never sold, unless one of their stocks blew
      up. In that case, they took the stock "to a level,"
      meaning they dumped the stock quickly, in one day, and
      then moved on. The brokers can no longer unload
      massive shares in a down market even is they are priced
      down 50% or 60% like in the past. Most of us (except
      TEAL and KIND_BUD) who were so eager to buy the
      discarded mutual fund stocks now realize that the stocks
      had been so walked-up that the prices we paid turned
      out to be no bargains.

      Many tech funds are
      all battling each other to sell the same set of
      stocks, and many people, like me know better. We know
      that the stocks were moved up substantially by these
      same funds and we know their holdings in these
      overvalued stocks wound up to be millions and millions of
      shares in size.

      As more mutual funds are forced
      to sell, they are overwhelming their own markets and
      taking stocks down on very little volume and not selling
      enough to meet redemptions. They were all hopeful that
      something would happen -- a post-Labor Day rally, a
      Thanksgiving rally, a December rally, a Fed Reserve rally and
      Bush rally, a Christmas rally. They would not have
      used these rallies to sell because that would be
      selling into strength, and they never do that. They were
      hoping for the rallies for more fund flows to make it so
      they didn't have to sell. They were looking for your
      money to prop up their positions or pay off those who
      wanted out.

      The only way to beat Wall Street is
      to play the cycles, and right now, the cycle is

      Remember Listen to DFS and profit from

      AKAM on DEATH WATCH 2001

    • stock won't ever see such lofty valuations again.
      The first part was posted on 12/24.

      Many tech
      and internet mutual funds are down over 40% for the
      year and they do not know how to sell in a down
      market, just like most individual investors. Who do you
      think created this vicious down cycle?

      For the
      last few years, mutual funds have been taking in huge
      amounts of money and then buying their favorites without
      caring what price they paid because they were willing to
      pay any price-to-sales ratio that they could justify
      under a "everybody else is paying it" philosophy.

      When Joe Blow investor saw the returns these fund were
      getting he was more than eager to mail a check to them,
      which then generated more inflows which then generated
      more incredible performance!

      Then Joe Blow
      investor saw the E-trade ads and decided he could do it
      better than the fund managers and drove the market even
      higher by borrowing money to do so.

      The Fed rate
      hikes finally took their toll,the first to be wiped out
      were the individuals who played with margin and now
      this bear market threatens to waste many tech and even
      non-tech mutual funds. Remember the 24 year old Ryan JACOB
      and the Jacob Internet Fund (JAMFX), it was the worst
      performing equity fund this year, down nearly 66 percent.
      Think it will survive? Will he still be playing the
      markets next year with AETH and AKAM(both major holdings
      of his pos fund)?

    • "Troll? She? Is this a female? They seem pretty bold for a woman!"

      Some of the best traders I know are women. You have alot to learn.

      Good luck.

    • Troll? She? Is this a female? They seem pretty
      bold for a woman! That is concerning to me because I
      think AKAM is a great stock! I again am in at 190, 69,
      57, and 39. Terrible investment return for know. As I
      said, there are some great things happening with a
      continued client development plan AKAM has seem to perfect.
      I am confident a 300-500 share price in 5-7 years
      is a great return on my investment. It will be in
      AKAM or the stock of a company that would have bought
      them. Yeal, it sure is good to discuss BENEFICIAL
      insight and limit the continued smack on this board.
      Please continue writing and I will continue

    • Please ignore the troll named diefreeandsell. She is a wack job. I've learned to put her on ignore. You'll learn too.

    • "I am looking for growth and would be happy to
      have a $300-$500 per share price on AKAM in 5-7

      What you are talking about is a return of over 2000%
      in only 5-7 years? That is a bit foolishly bullish.
      Maybe it would happen but you have a better chance a
      winning POWERBALL than picking the next CIEN or MSFT.
      This is not an attack against you. I have been
      foolsihly bullish in my younger years as a trader and paid
      the price. Look for good proven stocks that are
      beaten down. Don't try and hit a home run. I invested in
      healthcare back last April because of it's low P/E. I have
      sold most of my health care and have been slowly
      buying into good solid beaten down semis and other tech
      now. I do this in my longer term swing trade account.

      You can get good returns if you buy good stocks
      during a big down turn in the sector. Please buy

      RIDING THE BEAR, by Sy Harding. This book will help you
      understand how the market works.

    • Be carefull. SOMETIMES the market will not agree
      even if you are right. I once shorted RMBS at 76 after
      a big move up. It ran up so fast that I lost 8
      points in 10 minutes and then within a few days hit 140.
      My account would of been trashed. I was right longer
      term. RMBS is in the 30's today. DDR ram is the future
      not RMBS but the market did not care. Just keep a
      stop loss.

      Even AKAM could run. But it is so
      very weak.

    • I have no clue. I have been though several crashes and have seen some stocks that never recover. Do you own DD and place a stop loss.

      Good luck.

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