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    Here is a link to a more detailed MSNBC poll.

    On the question of ""Who stood out from the Pack?", Ron Paul is leading at 34%.

    You can cast your vote at:
    ..... EX

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    • voted in favor of Ron Paul!

    • S1082 � The Voice Of The
      People Is Being Heard
      There Is Still Time To Stop FDA, Inc
      By Byron Richards

      CCN 5-6-7 Bill S1082 is a bill that helps fund the FDA with Big Pharma money. It is known all over Capital Hill as Big Pharma-designed legislation. It is running into all sorts of credibility problems. A vote is likely on Monday � delayed due to all the opposition flooding the Senate by "we the people."

      Major Problem #1 � A Fair Price for Drugs

      Realizing that meaningful FDA reform legislation is not likely again for ten years numerous Senators are backing the Dorgan amendment to S1082. The amendment enables U.S. citizens to buy drugs from Canada and other industrialized nations. This will save us at least 50 billion dollars over the next ten years and cut the price of many drugs in half. Those opposing the amendment, which includes most of the major proponents of S1082 and the Bush administration, are the ones clearly on the payroll of Big Pharma. Their excuse for not supporting it is flimsy � that it will cause safety problems. The majority of Senators are not buying this transparent cover-up. Dorgan won Round 1 of the voting on his amendment yesterday (63-28), showing that he has the power to hit Big Pharma where it hurts � in the pocketbook. A final vote on the Dorgan amendment is expected Monday (keep up support for the Dorgan amendment).

      Major Problem #2 � A Fake Safety Bill

      Last year's Institute of Medicine report labeled FDA management as dysfunctional causing FDA reform to pick up momentum. To deflect public outrage S1082 was created by Kennedy and Enzi, in close consultation with the FDA and Big Pharma. As you might expect from such a meeting of the minds, the bill is really a Big Pharma-sponsored con job and it actually increases the power of dysfunctional FDA management.

    • Why the resistance to 9-11 truth?
      by Carol Wolman

      Anyone who has studied 9-11 at all knows it was an inside job.

      Bush was not surprised. His brother Marvin's security company closed down one tower the week before and brought in lots of cables and other equipment. The towers, including building 7, were dropped by controlled demolition. The planes provided a dramatic cover story- great pix.

      Rumsfeld had control of scrambling planes transferred to himself, exclusively, a few months before, and then disappeared that morning, so no planes intercepted the four hijacked airliners. Instead, there was a "stand-down" of NORAD. By some strange coincidence, a military exercise was being run that am which simulated planes crashing into buildings, so that the air traffic controllers were confused about whether the "attack" was real or part of a drill.

      The buildings were pulverized, but the passports of the hijackers were miraculously thrown clear and quickly "discovered". There was no investigation, only a coverup that blamed the CIA and recommended police state measures to prevent future "attacks".

      Then there's the lack of plane parts and small hole at the Pentagon. The flying out of the Bin Laden family the next day. The millions made on selling airline stocks short by those in the know. The confusion about passenger lists. The rejection of FBI reports about possible terrorists at US flying schools. And on and on.

      There are so many videos that its hard to choose, but my favorites is 9-11 Mysteries at

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      • Most Americans, even those who are working for peace and impeachment, are reluctant to believe that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest actually planned and implemented 9-11, even though their long range plan (PNAC) clearly states that they need "a new Pearl Harbor". The Reichstag fire is a better parallel, since it was also an inside job.

        Polls show widespread skepticism of the cover story, and suspicion that Bush allowed 9-11 to happen, ignoring warnings from abroad and from his own intelligence service. But to think that he actually helped plan it, that demolition charges were set in the Towers by his brother's company- that is a depth of evil that most of us can't even begin to contemplate.

        Why is this? Why, when we all know so well what liars and connivers the Bush people are, how little they care for human life, or truth, or honor, how greedy they are for power and how ruthless they are in pursuing it, why is it so hard to believe that they planned and carried out 9-11?

        The degree of denial is astounding.

        The cover story is paper thin. Osama was blamed within 24 hours, with no investigation. It's obvious that the 9-11 Commission asked the wrong question,- not whodunit, but why were the signals missed? It's obvious that Osama, no matter how bright and charismatic, could not have orchestrated such a massive attack from caves in Afghanistan. It's obvious that the Saudi hijackers, if that's who they were, were allowed into this country with no screening, allowed to take flight lessons, allowed to get on airplanes with box cutters- but how could all this be known, when the twin towers were pulverized? Etc. etc.

        When denial is so strong, it's because people don't want to know the truth. The implications are too overwhelming, too frightening. Facing the truth about 9-11, that it was an inside job, planned and carried out with the help of the Bush family and administration, means facing the fact that we are saddled with a monster, a satanic creature, that will stop at nothing to gain total power.

        It means facing what fools we are, what cowards we are, not to call a spade a spade.

        It means seeing through the pious cloak of false Christianity and false patriotism that Bush has assumed.

        It means facing the terrible danger we are in, of losing every ounce of precious freedom our forefathers fought so hard to obtain, and that we so take for granted.

        It means looking frankly at our helplessness, our gullibility, our willingness to accept any form of hypocrisy, as long as we are allowed to go on shopping.

        It means realizing that Bush controls vast portions of our society - that many people must know that 9-11 was an inside job, and won't step forward and say so, out of bribery, intimidation or both. A few brave souls have spoken up about the "power down" at the towers the week before, the evacuation of building 7 several hours before it, too, was brought down by preplanted demolition charges, the confusion at air traffic control when NORAD failed to intercept the planes that were so far off course - but not many dare to speak out. Why not?

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