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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street May 18, 2007 8:26 AM Flag


    << Hey, could you Ron Paul/conspiracy morons clear something up for me? I thought the government/Bush was behind 9/11 yet the same people that claim that are the same ones who are also saying it was done by Islamic fundamentalists as a response to our meddling in the Middle East. Which is it? >>

    Some of us know the truth and the body of evidence substantiating it is growing daily, like the Thermate leavings that have been found. The neat thing is that more and more Americans, those blessed with cognitive talents that is, are opening their eyes to it. WTC 7's mysterious controlled demolition remains there as stark proof.


    If you actually believe men with towels wrapped around their heads were behind 911, then it is equally logical to assume it was as a result of American activities in the backyards of those claimed to be behind the attacks. For instance, we can look at the acknowledged 50,000 children that died in Iraq owing to US sanctions or the positioning of American military forces in Saudia Arabia. Reagan and consequently Ron Paul are correct. The West does not fully understand the psyche of the Muslim world and one cannot expect that the actions fully intended to project power and generate hegemony will go both unnoticed and fully swallowed without complaint or in this scenario reprisal.

    So, which is it? Blowback like "CIA Whitepapers" have said or government complicity? How about a combination of both?

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