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  • dennydiderot dennydiderot Jul 25, 2007 10:58 PM Flag

    Luke Fingers the 666 Jews!!


    Well, well. What did I find. As I mentioned the sign of the ZIONIST, state of Israel founded by the worlds leading satanic jewish banking family the rothschilds. Sums to 666, the mark of the beast in the book of revelations. Six points on the star, six triangle and internal hexagram. Can we DOUBT where the antichrist will rule from? and whom he will try and call his own? now the real jews in israel who wont follow them, well they are blood on the satanic altar of the satanic zionist jews. you can count a jews own worst enemy is his fellow jew.

    So I found in the Jews old testament, the Prophet Amos accused the Jews of taking up "the star of your (satanic) god moloch' an ancient babylonian god. The same god, MOLOCH the satanic, false jew bush worships every year at the bohemian grove with his zionist and masonic pals!!

    Then look at this. What does the St. luke, tell us about the jews about the star of 'david' (which it was not as David was NO SATANIST). As God reconfirms in the Jews and Gentiles new covenant with him, that the JEWS were idol and satan worshippers!!

    Acts 7, 43

    Yea, ye took up the tabernacle (he is speaking to the jews of israel) of Moloch, and the STAR of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them, and i have carried you away to babylon.

    So we see affirmation between the old testament prophet and the new testament christian, and jewish prophet luke, that INDEED the star of david is a satanic star and not davids star at all. acts is generally regarded as written by st luke.

    now these satanic jews were in operation in israel in davids day as they used to king david the jews were Gods, and david said to them "yet you all will die like men". so david knew he was a sinner, and man dependent on the grace of G-d. i have always like David as he SLEW the enemies of the Lord G-d of Israel, the satanic syrians, and philistines, whom sought to corrupt the jews with satan worship.

    now the nation of israel, like the usa, is LEAD, by satan worshipers as is the nation of england.

    i sure these satanic leader of the jews, the rothschilds, bushes, rockefeller, cheney, feith, and wolfowitz, will bring the satanic muslim nations against them and who can doubt the average jew doesnt want this 'fight' nor do they believe it will happen.

    i think these satanic jews want to offer up some jews to their god lucifer, like 400 or so jews were not warned on 911, the bonfire of the zionists, their pagan sacrifice.
    i will betcha sharon and olmert loved watching those people jump to their death and burn to death as im sure bushie enjoyed the reruns. he cracks a 'smile' after hearing the news.

    911 the bonfire of the zionist, the satanic jews and satanic anglo saxons masons like john hagee, and kenneth copeland and billy graham, and rod parsely and pat robertson. the people that CONTINUE to lie to the Christians about 911, a ZIONIST, job not an 'inside' job like alex jones says.

    911=666=the six side star of moloch!! bushs god!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • >> i am not a dog at your beck and call these are well known scriptures. <<

      So well known, you can't quote them.

      IE, You LOSE!!!

      Calling everybody a "jew", hardly adds to your credibility.

    • Your the one trying the play the more "intellectual" than me card.
      IE. According to Jesus the truth is hidden from you.

      Matt 11: 25 At that time Jesus said in response: �I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to babes.

      When your taught by Jehovah, you fear NOTHING!

      Do to this teaching, I can take on ANY clergy of ANY religion, ON THE SPOT, with NO prepping.

      Bottom line, when it comes to scriptures, they will decline.

      Calling names is a different story, as you well know, for its all you do.

    • The anti-christs are not a single entity. All of the uses of the term in Scripture are plural and refer to a people not a person. That portion you've gotten right, though.

      You've confused this with the desolation.

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