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  • outtacirculation outtacirculation Jul 31, 2007 3:06 PM Flag

    Real Estate Busted! Gold is the Better Asset!

    gold is the best one and it's portable!

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      OF COURSE IT IS!!!!!!!!

    • Good point, but from a practicality standpoint zinc is a future gainer due simply to all the uses it lends itself too!

      (Hint: Invest in any company that is researching organo ceramics, it's the future in transportation due to it being the central core of superconductor transportation uses). There's a book, "The great Serpents: Discovery and Learning" that projects organocermic use worldwide in personal flight.

    • Gold: The Once and Future Money (Hardcover)
      by Nathan Lewis (Author), Addison Wiggin (Foreword)
      Key Phrases: peso supply, interest rate peg, monetary distortion, United States, Bank of England, Bretton Woods (more...)

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    • $8,000 Silver In 15 Years
      Rosen Blasts My Short-Term Thinking
      Silver Stock Report
      Jason Hommel, August 1, 2007
      This month, I was honored to be interviewed by Maurice Rosen who publishes the Rosen Numismatic Advisory. It was a very good and comprehensive interview, with hard questions, and provides me a good occasion to send out an email, my first in over a month. Here it is: (with clarifications in parenthesis)

      The Rosen Numismatic Advisory
      VOL. 32 NO. 5 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2007
      Special Report, $25

      "I think silver will head beyond $8000 an oz. in less than 15 years!"

      LAST YEAR I INTERVIEWED JAMES TURK who talked about $8,000 gold. Now, I present you with a bizarre forecast of $8,000 silver. What's going on here? We'll have to read Jason Hommel's reasoning to find out, but I'll tell you upfront he's from the School of Hyperinflation Forecasting, not an especially enviable place to have learned how to manage one's money or to forecast the economy since the 1980s. Some of that institution's graduates have told their stories in these pages and been proven dead wrong -- so far. This latest graduate, all of 37 years old, goes a big step farther than James Turk who, by comparison, looks to have presented the far more moderate forecast. Turk talked of $400 silver. Hommel says $8,000+.

      You see, I need to challenge Hommel's prediction of hyperinflation engulfing the U.S. and the world for fear that you believe I joined the hyperinflation camp. But, what if he's right? Even partially right? Go back to the early 1970s when silver was $1.29. Who would then have believed that silver would soar to $52.00 in less than ten years, 40-times its starting price? The inflation we experienced then peaked at about 13%. I tremble to think of the inflation rate required for silver to go from $13 now to $8000. Can you imagine a $1000 face value bag of 90% silver coins valued at $5.70 million? A roll of silver quarters at $57,000? A lowly silver dime at $570? I can't. I assume you can't either. But Jason Hommel can. Let's read what he has to say.



      Ron Paul Now Has 20K Volunteers
      National Expositor

      In a radio interview today on the Dale Williams Show, Jeff Greenspan, Western Regional Campaign Coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign made an astounding announcement that the Paul camp now has more than 20,000 registered volunteers. Mr. Greenspan stated "I don't know any campaign in history that has had that many volunteers." Against the will of the mainstream media, this unbelievable amount of support is showing that Ron Paul's campaign is transparently evolving into a social movement. Later in the show, a caller asked why the main stream media is ignoring Ron Paul. Mr. Greenspan stated that there is a clear bias against the Paul campaign by mainstream pundits. He gave the example of the last Republican debate where Fox News did a CELL PHONE POLL. Before and during the poll, Sean Hannity explained at length how this poll would be scientific. Alluding to previous internet polls where Ron Paul had dominated, Sean Hannity quickly recanted his claims that Fox's cell phone poll was scientific when all of a sudden Dr. Paul again began to receive more votes than any other candidate. Mr. Greenspan also stated that Ron Paul is now third in terms of campaign dollars among his Republican counterparts and the contributions are growing at an enormous rate.

      Watch The Interview

    • This article appears in the August 3, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
      Big Bank Failure Could Turn
      Credit Crunch Into Global Crash

      by Paul Gallagher

      The seizing up of the world credit markets�triggered by the collapse of the household debt bubble in the United States�may turn from a slow-motion collapse into a thorough crash, if one or more major investment banks fails in the near future.

      This appears to be threatening in the market turmoil of the week of July 23, in which many big corporate "leveraged takeovers" have been exposed as falling apart, leaving big international banks holding the bag, with potentially hundreds of billions of dollars of junk-bond debt they cannot sell. Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs are the banks holding the most bad junk-bond debt, and they are potentially hit hardest with losses, according to an alarmed analysis published by the London Financial Times July 27.

      Because the constant churning out by those markets of mergers and leveraged takeovers on a huge scale was what drove stock markets up during 2007, those stock markets also started to plunge during the same July 23 week.

      In his webcast address from Washington, D.C., on July 25, economist Lyndon LaRouche sharply emphasized: "The world monetary financial system is actually, now, currently in the process of disintegrating. There's nothing mysterious about this; I've talked about it for some time.... What's listed as stock values and market values in the financial markets internationally is bunk! These are purely fictitious beliefs.... Only a fundamental and sudden change in the world monetary financial system will prevent a general, immediate chain-reaction type of collapse. At what speed we don't know, but it will go on, and it will be unstoppable! And the longer it goes on before coming to an end, the worse things will get."

      As of July 27, the end of a week of international capital markets "seizing up," the world's major central banks appeared paralyzed to deal with the drying up of credit markets. The Bank of Japan was afraid to raise interest rates for fear of triggering the unwinding of the yen carry trade and collapse of the dollar. The Federal Reserve was afraid of any speculation about lowering rates, for the same reason�despite falling home sales, auto sales, industrial goods orders, industrial employment�and was overseeing the outright faking of GDP and jobs reports to justify its paralysis.

      The Bank of England and European Central Bank, which had been raising rates, were forced by the crisis to leak that they would take no more such action. The International Monetary Fund put out an "update to its annual report" on July 25, specifically to deny that a global credit crunch was hitting, while acknowledging "dangerous risks have emerged."
      'Never Before, Except the Great Depression'

    • The Casey Files
      Profiting From The Wall of Worry

      Doug Casey
      Editor, The International Speculator
      Aug 3, 2007

      In this article, I want to address what stage of the market cycle resource stocks are in, why, what's likely next, and what you should do about it.

      For pretty much all my adult life I've been a speculator. That is to say, someone with an appreciation for the relationship between risk and reward, an appreciation far too many people clearly don't share.

      Take for example, ostensibly conservative investments such as money market funds and T-bills. To my worldview, these are just bad jokes being played on the masses. Piling all your assets into increasingly worthless paper paying next to no interest is the financial equivalent of a death of a thousand cuts, guaranteeing that a large swath of the nation's senior citizens will spend their golden years sporting paper caps while tossing fries. My view is that, certainly in today's world, it's much more prudent to risk 10% of your capital with a prospect of getting a 1,000% return than risk 100% of your capital for the prospect of a 10% (or less) return.

    • Lots of talk today on more credit problems running through the system. After ignoring the symptoms for some time, they have finally admitted the patient is sick. They have not administered any treatment. We have yet to see this hit fever pitch.

    • retiredchiefpettyofficer2000 retiredchiefpettyofficer2000 Aug 3, 2007 12:53 PM Flag

      For those who continue to discuss the Volta river.

      Carry one with some real news!



      Since the launch of Karl Rove's secret mission to elect Hillary in 2006 several phases have reached completion, including giving the Demon Cats the House and Senate and ensuring any Democrat will win in 2008, House, Senate, and Presidency by keeping Bush's poll numbers low.

      However polls show that Hillary is still unelectable since so many will not vote for her at present. One contingency plan is to have Bloomberg run as an independent and siphon the votes down so that Hillary can win like if worked for Bill in 1992 and in an election more closely supervised by Rove: Rick Perry (gov, TX) in 2006.

      The primary plan at present centers around John Roberts and a coming ruling threatening Roe vs Wade. The plan is this will panic women into voting for Hillary.

      A review of Texas politics is necessary to explain the origins of this plan. It begins over 100 years with the rise of Col. (Wendell) House who was the Rove of his time in Austin TX and controlled the election of Texas governors and then went national and elected W. Wilson as president and then becam Wilson's brain (advisor). Forgotten by most is that House was dedicated to restoring the US as a British colony that would fight British wars by proxy. Thus the US entered WWI to save Britain even though Wilson campaign's pledge was to keep out of the war. Well a 911 was staged involving Germany sinking a ship and that was that.

      Texans have long known that Rove inherited House's organization in (Austin) Texas and is dedicated to restoring the US as a British colony. Behind everything else is this: the US will be restored to a colony, will manufacture nothing and be shipped everything purchased by interests under British control. That is the way it was before the American Revolution and that is the way that Rove wants it to become again. That is why Bush went to see the queen for a week and why the queen recently slept in the Whitehouse-to integrate plans for return to colonial status. That is why the US troops are in Iraq, following the dictates of a British plan for the middle east that they have controlled for over 100 years. We are merely uptading the governments and borders to the British plan for that region. That is why all of the roads will become toll roads and be owned by interests that ultimately answer to the British crown (in light of the bridge failure the mass media, under Rove's control, will promote that idea that government in incapable of providing road safety and that this must be sold/given to the private sector).

    • "The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse." -- James Madison - (1751-1836)

      Posted On: Thursday, August 02, 2007, 3:19:00 PM EST

      After Market Trading In Shares Completely Unregulated

      Author: Jim Sinclair

      Dear CIGAs,

      I had a good reason for investigating closing prices for shares that were far out of the normal range of trading on the AMEX and TSX.

      Would you imagine that an over-the-counter dealer can trade 100 shares with himself or a pal in order to mark a stock up or down after the close of regulated public exchanges? Internet computer-based systems then report these results as the real close - in most cases priced at the extreme of the day's trading. So you should hold suspect high range or low range closes as being potentially manipulative actions to paint a chart, certainly in the case of Candle Sticks.

      In truth, trying to paint a chart in after hours games is a sign of penny anti desperation.

      To see what the true close is for a stock on any given day you need to review the "volume at price" chart selection. Most trading platforms have this particular capability.

      Regulations now support criminals bent on doing harm to others for their own benefit. That is a sign of Authoritarian Free Enterprise in the financial sense. That is what sub prime loans are all about and what over-the-counter derivatives take the cake on.

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