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  • pwrofone1111 pwrofone1111 Nov 25, 2007 9:05 AM Flag


    26. He Is Against The Federal Reserve's Monopoly On Monetary Regulation.
    27. He Is Philosophically Opposed To Big Government.
    28. He Voted Against The Misnamed Patriot Act That Stripped Us Of Our Rights.
    29. He Is For The Bill Of Rights.
    30. He Knows The Meaning Of Liberty.
    31. He Was 1 Of 4 People That Supported Reagan Early On.
    32. He Has Been Married For 50 Years, Which Is An Achievement These Days.
    33. He Is Not Married To Hillary.
    34. His Supporters Love Him.
    35. He Is A Once In A Lifetime Candidate.
    36. Because His Record Is Consistent.
    37. He Is Against Funding The So-Called War On Drugs (Another Unsuccessful War).
    38. He Is Actually Against Funding Many Unsuccessful Federal Programs.
    39. He Does Not Want To Ruin Healthcare By Nationalizing It, (LikeHillary, Obama, et al.)
    40. He Is A Student Of History.
    41. He Votes In Accordance With The Constitution.
    42. He Will Not Forcibly Implant Us Or Our Troops With Microchips Or
    Like Devices (It's For Your Safety, Of Course).
    43. He Is The Only Conservative, In The Traditional Sense, Left.
    44. Republicans Love Him Because He Is For Small Government.
    45. Democrats Love Him Because He Will End The War For Oil.
    46. Libertarians Love Him Because He Wants The Government Out Of Their Business.
    47. He Is The Only Electable Republican Candidate.
    48. He is Against The Creation Of A Surveillance Society (See London).
    49. He Supports Homeschool Rights.
    50. He Wants To End The Corporate Welfare System That Is Destroying
    Our Government's Credibility.

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